100 Miles Challenge

On August 16th, I set a challenge for myself to hike 100 miles by September 30th, 2010. This page is to help me track and display my mileage through that.  I’m aiming to get out each day and hike, but we’ll see if Mr. Weather decides to disrupt me or not.  It’s also a great opportunity for me to explore some trails and find future cache hiding spots. The plan is to only count getting out on the trail purely for walking or going out geocaching. This means I’ll actually pass the 100 mile point well before September 30th as I walk around a lot at work.

Day # Mileage Comments
1 1.5 miles Apparently can’t hike the paths on the golf course I live at. Didn’t know that and got chewed out by a golfer. Paperwork I got when I moved in is contradicting, mentioning the 18 hole golf course right before talking about the abundance of greenspace to walk, jog, or bike. Several pages later (in tiny print) it mentions I can’t do those on the golf course. Very little greenspace exists here that isn’t the golf course. WTF!?!? Guess I need to find another place to hike.
2 2.0 miles Got out on the trails at Longview Lake. I’ve been on the trail before to grab some caches, but today was just about the hike. I had a young buck cross the path at one point, and further along I spotted two does and a fawn. Hiked exactly 2 miles. As I closed in on my car, I realized I might hit the two mile mark. My GPSr odometer flipped to 2.00 miles right as I reached the car. Sweet.
3 2.01 miles Went back out to Longview Lake. While my goal is based on getting out on the trail, I am getting mileage in through everyday walking at work and home. No need to push myself before my legs have adjusted to the extra daily mileage. Another few days and I’ll look at adding the side branch to the trail I’m using.
4 3.3 miles Went back out to Longview Lake. Decided to try the side branch. It actually extends a HUGE distance, but I was only going to the main road before turning around. It was exactly 1 mile from my car to that point. On the way back, I was feeling good so I hit the trail I’ve been using. Got in some extra mileage. The rain started only a few minutes after getting back into my car. Great timing don’t you think?
5 2.38 miles At my breakfast event, I hooked up with friends Flo. and Stink Bug Crew for some caching. I haven’t cached with them in a while and we had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I am not aware of an easy way to separate driving from walking on the routing, and I had to use my phone for some of it because I hadn’t updated my KC database in a while. I kept my Oregon with me so it did track every movement. Using Google Earth’s path ruler, I followed the tracks and was able to get the mileage for walking and ended up with much higher than I thought I did. I’m counting geocaching since that involves a lot of hiking that isn’t part of my normal daily routine. We ended up with eight finds before returning to my vehicle.
6 3.46 miles The side branch I took the other day seemed inviting, so I thought I would hike that one. I wanted to get at least 3 miles today. I knew there was a parking lot close to the turn around point so I kept going. Right at about 1.74 miles I hit the parking lot and turned around. Saw some deer on the way back too.
7 I ended up not having time to get in a hike today.
8 2.04 miles Took a break yesterday as I was busy all day. Got out today to find the trail I’ve been using has been torn up for maintenance. Guess I’ll need to find another spot to walk for now.
9 4.00 miles With trail maintenance going on, I moved to another section of the trail around Longview Lake. Got all the way to the point I turned around at on Day 6 and realized I was at 1.95 miles. Went the extra .5 so I could hit 4 miles. One nice thing about using GPS to track my hikes is not only the ability to easily measure the distances I walk, but I can also see how long it took me and the average speed. Today, I kept a 3.5 mph pace.
10 3.12 miles Dozed off this afternoon after getting home from work. When I woke, I felt a little less inclined to go a full 4 miles. 3 miles is still good.
11 5.05 miles I was feeling pretty good today and just kept going for a while. At one point, past the spot where I had turned around on my 4 mile hike, I looked at my GPSr. I was at 2.25 miles. It seemed like a good spot to turn around. Once back to the parking lot, I was still feeling good so I went to the incoming road (where a small tunnel connects the trails on either side) and then turned around again to go back to my car. A nice hike and I didn’t feel tired after finishing.
12 5.31 miles Even right in the middle of the day, today was a decent day for a walk. Enjoyed a nice hike to the point where trail work is being done.
13 7.19 miles Got out to do a short walk, maybe four miles. Ended up pushing myself to seven miles. One thing I’m enjoying is how relaxing the walk can be. It also gives me plenty of time to organize my thoughts. I even got some thoughts in about work and didn’t mind. 🙂
14-17 0 miles The last four days have not be good for walking. Day 14 had a nice headache take grip during the day and lasted until I went to bed. Day 15 involved a lengthy work day with no time for a good hike. Day 16 had me zonked out for about two hours after work, then on the phone well into the evening. Day 17 was full of rain when I finally got to the point where I could go out. Thankfully, I’m ahead of myself, so I can get back on track tomorrow and still be good to go.
18 3.02 miles Finally got back out for a hike. Kept it simple since I hadn’t been out this week. A nice day weather wise.
19 4.25 miles It was a nice day out today and got a good walk in on the trail.
20 5.13 miles It was a nice day out today. Joined my friends Jadefalcon and Rainbow Cache for some caching. With 32 finds, a few DNF’s and a checkup on one of my caches, we hit some good mileage today. Some fun hikes too.
21 0 miles A minor headache ended up being a pounding one when I walked. Today is out.
22 3.56 miles A nice afternoon, not to hot. Got in a short walk trying a different section of trail.
23-25 0 miles A big headache, rain, and lower back pain kept me off the trails.
26 3.17 miles My back is starting to feel better. Got out today to do some walking A good day to do so. Caches were published along the trail as I was arriving back home. Guess I have some caches to grab tomorrow.
27 2.63 miles My back is okay today. Got out today to do some walking and caching. Still three FTF’s to claim. I got the first two caches on my way to two of the unclaimed hides. The first unclaimed hide ended up being a DNF. I spent 45 minutes searching every knook and cranny I could think of but came up empty. Looking at it now, it seems several others found it after I came through. One of the logs gives a hint. Guess I didn’t stick my fingers in far enough. I did get down to the second one and got FTF on it. On the way back North, my batteries started to die so I called it short and headed back to my car. Another one published before I left, but with Geocache Navigator failing to get GPS signal on my phone, I skipped it.
28 0 miles Wasn’t able to get out today.
29 2.0 miles Been very busy today, but I got out after ending the Geocaching Podcast session and walked a route through my apartment complex. I figured out a route that is exactly 2.0 miles. Not much, but every little bit counts.
30-32 2.0 miles No walking these days between some a lot of paper grading for work and a busy schedule after work.
33 2.18 miles Went out with Jadefalcon to claim a cache. Had quite the adventure, and even though we were mostly confined to specific locations, I still pulled off 2.18 miles. That’s not bad.
34 0 miles Busy day.
35 3.0 miles Got out for a walk before bed.
36 0 miles Busy and a nice headache.
37 3.16 miles Got out for a walk this evening after putting in a new event cache listing.
38 0 miles Spent the day calling dentists to find someone who could repair a damaged tooth. OWWW!.
39 2.13 miles Got out for a walk this evening.
40 3.53 miles Attended a geocaching event in a corn maze. Made arrangements with the hosts to secretly get into costume and haunt the maze. Since I needed to be in the maze before the guests, I spent a lot of time wandering and learning my way around. Ended up getting some pretty good mileage too.
Total Miles = 74.87 miles

One Response to 100 Miles Challenge

  1. SudsyMaggie says:

    If you round up (like I do with my mileage) – 6 down, 94 to go! Great work Jeff, I think you’ll find that you really like your time out hiking very quickly.

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