A Quick Summary

It will be almost two weeks before I get caching again. You’ll hear about that soon enough. Anyway, back to getting started. I got started in geocaching because of 8601. After hearing about this sport, he took me out with him one day. I think every day that week we went out after he got off of work. It took one day for me to sign up, and about two weeks to become a premium member. I got my first GPS around the same time, though it took until Christmas of ’07 to go paperless.

I’m an outdoor person by nature. Having grown up being outdoors in Boy Scouts, it isn’t hard to see why I enjoy being outdoors. Geocaching is a great way to enjoy that, even if some people don’t understand. I’ve gotten to see some interesting sites because of it. Though, 8601 does have a problem. Well, not so much a problem as an ability to get others interested in it. It wasn’t long after he got me into it that he got our other buddy TC interested. And, when we took our vacation last summer to Wyoming, you can guess that geocaching was something we had planned into the trip.

When I started, while 8601 had been doing this longer, he had only been doing this with his own account for about a month. I started when he was around 60 caches. It didn’t take long for him to rocket further ahead due to his more open work schedule. He was well ahead of me until I moved away from Lincoln. Even though I was in a more rural area, I narrowed the gap while he spent his weekends helping the family. However, it didn’t last long. In fact, it was one cache in particular that changed things.

On a Grand Island cache that the three of us timed to sign together, I reached 300 while he reached 400. That was last November. I was already closing the gap, but he took some serious time off to take care of some things, giving me a free window to close the gap further. While I was clearing out options in my area, making me drive further to get caches, he sat at 400. When I got 400, he had just gotten started again. Around that time, I passed him. Last week, I reached 500, about a dozen more than him. It took me from 3/14/07 to 5/4/08 to reach 500, or 417 days by my count. Now, let’s see if I can get the next 500 in a faster amount of time.

So that quickly sums how I got started and a simple overview of how long it took to reach 500. Let’s see what comes to mind next.


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