Cache of the Lost Sunglasses

One of my intentions with this blog is to tell about my adventures, and about caches that caught my attention. Sometimes, there’s more story to tell than just what’s on the log entry. Sometimes, you just find a cache that stands out above others. Enter GCW30C, also known as Cache of the Lost Sunglasses.

Now, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I always like caches where it the owner has put some effort into the cache, whether it’s a story, a progressing puzzle, or how it’s hidden. It makes the cache more fun to go after and more rewarding to log. This multi-cache did it through a story.

The story is about a family of geocachers who finally get a chance to go out caching after a week of rain. Going out to a local Lincoln park, they work their way through muddy, looping trails, bridges, rivers and slopes in an effort to find a cache. The story follows their adventures, and the outcome of a single pair of sunglasses.

The story alone makes this more interesting than your standard cache. But throw in that different stages of the cache reflect different locations in the story. You really feel like you are part of the story as you find each stage. Some stages are out in the open, while some are hidden a bit more carefully. There is some cool scenery while doing this, including a large bridge that is great for photos. This cache will have you walking about two miles of trails, so it’s not the best cache for someone with a wheelchair.

While 8601 and I were working on this one, TC us when we got to the bridge. We got a good picture of it as well:


It took some careful setup to prop the camera to include all three of us. Notice I’m enjoying hanging out. 🙂 We had some fun finding one of the stages, and thanks to a need to run back and double check the coordinates we got from the previous stage, I found that I could average about 10 miles per hour running on the trails. Yeah, silly, but for some reason, we wanted to see how fast I could get to the previous stage and back.

If you find yourself in Lincoln, with some time to spare, check this cache out. 8601 & I have both agreed this is a great cache for new cachers to experience. And while you there, check out GC11A1N, known as Minimalist, while you are out here. It’s a nano, and it’s hidden very well. Actually, you’ll find several great caches along the Northern half of Wilderness Park.

Happy caching,


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