Memorable Archived Caches

I was moving further through my finds list when I came across a cache that has been archived. It’s unfortunate whenever a cache gets archived. It’s even more unfortunate when one gets archived that you liked because you and your friends had fun getting to it. Fork n the Road, or GCYPB1, is such a cache.

This wasn’t a cache that stood out for anything unique. It was a simple hide, done alongside a road near the North end of 27th St. in Lincoln, NE. Heck, my group was barely out of the car a few minutes before we found it. But it wasn’t the hide that makes this a cache we always joke about, it was what happened as we went to find it.

Originally, we misread the GPSr and started to go up the overpass that went by this cache instead of taking the small offshoot to the right. We got to the top before realizing the mistake. However, the people in the other vehicle, 8601 and TC, had taken the side road to the left of the overpass, and were below us. As we climbed up the overpass, they were turned around and coming back. In a daring move, those of us in my car watched in amazement as TC suddenly took a sharp left, driving directly at us. The problem…he was below us. Without missing a beat, he took the Blazer up the side of the hill quite forcefully. Mind you, it was sprinkling out. He got to the top okay, with us laughing in my car. We got out, and realized that some damage had occured to his vehicle. Nothing serious, but his vehicle now needed a shave:

Sometimes, even vehicles need a shave.

And because of the one moment of … well, some might call it stupidity, others might call it having a little fun in life … we always joke about the day TC’s vehicle grew a beard.

But that’s not the only archived cache I remember that I wish hadn’t been archived. There was one other one, located in Phoenix, AZ, also holds a nice memory for me. It was called Mine’s Bigger, also known as GCHN0E. I went after this while in Phoenix for an interview. When I got to this one, it was about 11:30 PM, and I had found myself in a small neighborhood in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix, after having hiked around Arizona State University and downtown Tempe. I was tired, and when I found myself in front of a house, I was a bit worried. But, with the clue “If you can’t find this, take up knitting.” I was ready to take a quick shot in hopes of getting out of there quickly.

I found myself, armed with a flashlight, walking to the house. My GPSr was directing me to the side of a bush on the corner of the house. As I got down to look behind it, straining to position myself for a better look, I heard someone yell out “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!”, and it sounded about 10 feet away. The look on my face was probably priceless as I froze, hoping that I had heard it wrong. It took a bit more yelling for me to realize someone in the next house was likely yelling at a kid, and I got up. Deciding I didn’t want to go after this one at this hour, I began to walk away, figuring out how I was going to hike back to my car. As I walked away, I took a quick look back at the house. There, on the porch, was a large garbage can, chained to the porch column. I walked up and found a geocaching sticker on the lid. Smacking my forehead with a resounding “DOH!”, I looked at the lock and chains and decided “Yeah, I’m going to come back during the day instead of waking someone up and possibly dealing with the cops. I began the long hike back to my car in downtown Tempe.

I came back the next day, and did get this one, the biggest cache I’ve ever found. The only reason it was archived was because the owner moved. It has been replaced though, so if you would like to add this one to your list, go to GC185T8.

Of all the archived caches I’ve visited, these are the ones that have some interesting stories to go with them. See you next time.


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