Well, since starting around noon on Saturday, we have made it up to Valentine, over to Crawford, and down to Scottsbluff. Due to some of the incoming weather, we decided to get into a hotel and get some relaxed sleep before hitting the final leg of the trip around to McCook instead of trying to get to Bridgeport and set up a tent. We have already hit about 700 miles.

We’ve hit about 49 caches for me (a few more for 8601 and TC since I’ve been to a few before). We haven’t had as many DNF’s as I would have expected, and we’ve had some interesting caches. We were able to pull a First Time Find on a cache that was set up and dedicated to me, which was cool. We climbed a very steep hill to reach one cache, and I even climbed into a drainage ditch under Highway 20 for another one (thankfully a dry ditch at the time). I’ll come back to some of those in a few days.

Camping at Cottonwood Lake just East of Merriman the first night, we were ready to set up camp in Bridgeport around midnight to 1:00 AM tonight. However, in Harrisburg (South of Scottsbluff), 8601 and I hatched the plan we are on. Part of it was also aided by the need to get a tire repaired. That will kill some time, but we’ll grab some caches in Scottsbluff while we wait. If we time this right, we’ll get back to McCook late Monday night, or early Tuesday morning. I hope to have a few pictures to post when I get back.

We’ll, time to get some sleep. I’ll be back with a final count and a few stories on Tuesday.


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