Ending the Weekend

75 caches. I was able to get 75 caches over the weekend. I completed 9 more Delorme pages and 9 more counties. Roughly 1000 miles driven across Western Nebraska, visiting many interesting places. And all in only three days. I plan on updating my Challenges page with updated maps soon.

I’ve already mentioned some of the things I’ve done in the last post. I’ll add that I got to see Chimney Rock in a much closer and better view than I did when I drove by four years ago. I also got to get REAL close to Courthouse and Jail Rocks. I have a panoramic that I’m looking forward to processing from that stop. I also got to see various bodies of water that are looking a lot healthier than I’ve seen before.

However, I didn’t have as good a run as TC and 8601 did. When you consider the caches I already had found or owned, plus an additional cache on their way home, they found 92 caches this weekend. That shoots 8601 ahead of me, but I’ll find a way to make up the gap.

Tomorrow, I’ll get the maps updated. I also need to go back through and update my County and Delorme Bookmark lists. 8601 mentioned the idea of trying to finish the Eastern half on July 4th weekend. We’ll have to see if that will work. If we can do it, we’ll have both of those challenges completed. That will be something to look forward to.


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