Cache Stats

Many geocachers keep track of their stats. The number of finds per month or year, what states they have cached in, their milestones, or what their find rate is. You can do this at online sites, or using software on your computer. Some methods are simple, some methods are more involved. Some produce basic information while some are quite detailed. Today, I’ll discuss one of those methods, a simple piece of software called Cache Stats.

To start with, Cache Stats is designed by Logicweave Software. Logicweave has produced a few pieces of software. If you are trucker using a GPSr or software by Teletype GPS, Logicweave has developed a simple waypoint generator that can convert a .gpx file from your pocket query into the type of file used by Teletype. They have also produced a piece of game software called Pentago. In regards to where they are based, I couldn’t find any information.

As with every geocaching software I’ve seen so far, you should have no problems running Cache Stats no matter what operating system you are using. Its designed to work as low as Windows 98. It doesn’t take up a lot of room on your computer and the only serious memory used is while loading a new .gpx file, when it is doing the main calculations to update your information, and even that doesn’t take much.

Before we start looking at what information the program can provide, I should remind everyone that this runs off of a “My Finds” pocket query. This option is only available to premium members, so if you want to use this program, or any other program that provides stats, you will need to sign up to be a premium member on Groundspeak. It isn’t much, only $3 a month or $30 a year, and you’ll get various other options that make it well worth the cost. Okay, let’s begin.

Let’s take a look at the main screen using my latest My Finds .gpx file:

This is your main screen, displaying basic information about your cache finds and days cached, with some additional options. First, at the right are some buttons for Show All, Set FTFs, and Favorites. The middle of the screen shows options for Yearly, Milestones, Locations, Size/Type, and D/T. Last of all, there is a Goal Calculater.

There is one more option that is useful and you may have seen before. It is the “Export to HTML” button, which provides the option to select various information and some display options, and it will produce an export which you can display on a webpage of your choice. If you have looked through a person’s profile before, there is a cache that you have seen this export by now.

That is a basic overview of the software. Next, we’ll take a look at what some of those additional options can show you. If you’d like to test the software yourself, go to the Logicweave link I provided above, or you can find the link directly to the Cache Stats page under my links to the right.


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