Planning Caches

I am currently in Lincoln right now, visiting TC and 8601. The trip was unplanned, a result of getting some free tickets to a comedy show in Omaha and an important meeting for a group I am with that I felt I should attend (especially since I’ve been unable to attend because of work this last year). So right now, my final exploration of Cache Stats will have to wait a few more days. Instead, let’s look at planning caches.

I recently got the opportunity to sign the log on The Case of Operuse Obfuscation, a supremely evil puzzle that many people in Eastern Nebraska have probably looked at, and subsequently put on the back burner. It was planned as a milestone cache…number 500…and it took a little over a year from the first time I looked at it to finally solve. I ended up working with a cacher from Colorado that I had met about two months earlier at an event. But why mention this? Well, I had always planned on doing a follow up to this one once I solved it, hopefully a similarly evil puzzle.

Now the I have solved that one, the problem is designing a puzzle. I have a good idea in mind that I think will be difficult to solve, and I think I have a good idea of where I want to place it. However, I’m trying to make mine a little different than just a puzzle. I was thinking a multi-puzzle. Several individual, mild to medium puzzle caches each containing important parts to the overall difficult puzzle. But that now means I have to come up with several mild to medium puzzles, alongside finding places in Lincoln to hide everything.

So, before I head home, I’m going to spend at least a little time working on finding some places to hide things. Then I’ll work on coming up with puzzles, and hopefully I’ll be able to put this into action when I come back in a few weeks. I’ll have plenty of time then with a wedding, and getting ready to plan and finish the Delorme and County Challenges.


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