Traveling Through Kansas

I’ve been gone for a few days, but I haven’t been inactive. I believe I’ve mentioned that I was heading to Lincoln again. Prior to the trip, some changes came up that took me to Kansas City before Lincoln. Of course, I planned on getting some caches along the way. Out of 61 caches I had mapped out along my route, I found 42 of them, with only 3 DNF’s. It was a good run.

I always like adding new states to my list, and this trip not only added to my Iowa and Kansas completed list, but I got to add Missouri.  That puts me up to 12 states that I’ve cached in.  Plus, anyone who uses It’s Not About The Numbers has seen the maps they produce (see my Nebraska Counties on my Challenges page).  Between this trip, July 4th Weekend, and my trip to Kentucky the next week, I’m adding a lot of color to both my Nebraska map and my overall US Completed Counties map.  That’s always fun.

I’m still processing the images from the trip. I had to bring my computer with me because I won’t be back home until late July. But I got a few that I liked, one of them being at an Iwo Jima Memorial in Western Kansas. I also got pictures from President Eisenhower’s grave, a panoramic of a popular suicide site for local shopping carts (more on that when I get the photo ready) in St. Joseph, and a few interesting cache containers.

Geocoin wise I did amazing, mostly because I visited a cache where the owner had set up a display of geocoins. It was pretty cool, but I didn’t get a picture because my camera was back at my car. I was getting frustrated with coins and bugs IN caches though, because it seemed that every time I visited a cache, they were either missing, or were grabbed a day or two before I got there. I only found a few that still had any left out of about 12 to 15 caches.

Oh, and I got to meet an officer of the law. That’s a story upon itself…..

and it will have to wait until the next post.


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