Snakes and Caches

Everyone should remember the game Snakes and Ladders. Well, the game Snakes and Caches is a bit more annoying. I once again have run into a snake while caching. This is becoming a habit and I wish it would stop.

This time, I was at 12 Ton Bridge, a cache near Ashland, NE. I was there because I needed to get a cache from Saunders County before we leave town tomorrow. The plan changed to leaving from Omaha after 8601 and TC get off work, eliminating the planned drive through Ashland. Now, if you’ve seen the map from my previous post Finishing the NE Delorme and County Challenges, then you know there is a chance we might pass through the county on our way home after the trip. But, can’t hurt to be careful.

So I get to 12 Ton Bridge and walk across to the point I need to be (I came in from the South). Zeroing out, I begin to look around, thinking about the clue. The clue was “It might not be Golden, but it could be useful.” Finally, the light bulb goes off and I begin to get an idea what I need to look for. One problem, as I begin to track back around, I cache a snake hanging out between some planks of the bridge, at a spot I had previously walked under. I was thinking, “Great, another snake. Let’s hope it’s not a rattler.”

I found a nearby piece of wood, long enough to reach from a safer distance. Slowly pushing it into the spot where the snake is at, I’m carefully trying to determine if it is a rattler or not. Pretty soon, I hear something that sounds similar to a rattling noise, but I can’t be certain. Then it pokes it’s head out through an opening and I figured that the cache wasn’t worth climbing around near the snake at that moment. I still have some things to do back in Lincoln today, and I now needed to go to Ashland to grab Ashland’s Fallen Heroes so I can log Saunders County. Plugging the hole, I got back on top of the bridge, I quickly scanned some possible spots when I suddenly noticed movement. Looking over, I saw that the snake had finally gotten out of the spot I had tried to plug up and was now moving across the bridge. Time to go before I anger it any more.

This is the second snake since I left McCook (I posted a picture on Flickr of the one in Kansas I found), and probably the 8th or 9th snake since we started our trip through Western Nebraska a month earlier. I’m hoping we get through this weekend without a problem, but knowing my luck, I’m not sure that will happen.


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