Tired and Dirty

I just got home from a three day trip through Eastern Nebraska.  I hit exactly 100 caches by my count.  Now I just need to get a shower and some sleep.

After I get up, I’ll start working on logging my finds  I spent some time in Omaha Thursday morning before 8601 got off work, so I’ll test out doing a Cachemate Export and using Express Logger with that list.  If it works, I’ll do the same with the rest of the list and hopefully save myself some time.  Then I can pull down  “My Finds” pocket query and run it through a GSAK macro and INATN to get what I need to send in to the cachers maintaining the Nebraska Delorme and County Challenges.  Once verified as completed, I can say that I have finished those challenges.  I’m crossing my fingers that I didn’t miss anything.

In the process, 8601 and I each put up a new cache for ourselves and for others to help with the county challenge.  We also replaced two caches that went missing, got to see some really cool views, and visited a cache that will join my favorites list.  I’ll check to see what photos I got and put together some panoramics if needed.  Last of all, I’ll be able to get on here and see what interesting experiences I can further discuss. 

Now for that shower and sleep.


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