July 3rd

Well, after having the day to rest and log caches, I’ve been able to think about the weekend.  It was a hectic weekend for 8601 and myself.  we covered over 800 miles, completing 36 counties and 19 Delorme pages.  We climbed hiles, navigated trencherous fields of grass, and enjoyed the constant supply of bugs.  Oh, and we got a good laugh from some angry birds.

So how did the weekend start?  On Thursday, July 3rd, 8601 went to work while I did some caching in Omaha.  We decided to leave from there instead of him driving to Lincoln before we essentially drove right back to Omaha.  Plus, he would likely get out early that day.  So I spent the morning caching.  I only found nine caches before we left town, but several of them were puzzle caches and two multi-caches.  Some of them were not park and grabs either.

I’d say two of my favorite caches that I went after in Omaha were Mario’s Video Game Cache and 10001110101. Both were puzzle caches. Mario required some research into video games to get the information needed to solve it. The cache itself is filled with video game related items. When I went there, I found a foreign PSP game and an XBOX game inside, just to give an idea of what you could find. 10001110101 is a puzzle based multi-cache that requires a knowledge of binary code to solve. I thankfully am familiar enough with binary to solve this one, but others might need a refresher.

After meeting up with 8601, we made sure we had what we needed and hit the road around 2:15 PM.  Our goal was to be in Northeast Nebraska by the end of the night.  Originally, leaving from Lincoln at a later time, the plan was to aim for Ponca State Park.  We worked our way up, visiting a group of caches around the intersection of HWY 35/5 and HWY 76/31. One was absolutely terrible for my nose to visit, but we thankfully found it quickly. Maybe the smell was encouragement to be fast.

We worked our way up to Thurston County, but because of the hour it was, we were too late to go after the one cache in that area. So instead, 8601 and I placed two new caches in the area, each at a historical marker. I placed one outside Walthill, NE alongside HWY 77. It is called 947794 and is a basic film canister hide. 8601 hid one at a historical marker on HWY 77 on the Northern edge of Winnebago, NE. It is a nano called Winnebago Scouts. One cache would have been enough, but we decided to each place one to help provide some more caches in the area. Both caches are a bit out of the way for us to maintain, but we have the added benefit of TC, who often travels that route for work.

Around 7:00 PM, we found ourselves in South Sioux City.  We stopped at a Hy-Vee to through out some trash and to park ourselves while we ate dinner. Luckily, we found internet access there and were able register the various TB’s we dropped and picked up and to publish the new caches.  I only had a problem with one because of what I later found to be an error in reading the tracking number. Making some sandwiches, we then prepared to head out of town.  Examining where potential campsites were, we headed out with the plan to see how far we could get.  So far that day, things were going well, so we pushed it a bit and made it to Niobrara State Park around 12:30 at night. Driving through the park, we looked for a suitable campsite.  Eventually, we found a spot we could set up camp and began the process of putting a tent together at night. It was about 1:30 by the time we both finally got to lay down for the night. I was up to 33 caches, while 8601 was a bit lower due to finds he already had and my time spent in Omaha. It had been a good day so far, and we were farther along than originally planned. This put us in a good mood for continuing the next day.

We’ll take a look at how we celebrated Independance Day next time.


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