Event Caches

I’m back.  It’s taken a week to get internet at my new place.  Okay, so I had access to a “business center” at the main office of my new complex, but I’ve been pretty busy between unpacking and attending meetings.  I haven’t been able to go out caching, but I starting thinking about some of the upcoming event caches I’ll be attending and thought I would talk about events.

You’ve all heard about them in some form or another, whether from another cacher or from the event calender posted on the main page at the geocaching site.  If you haven’t attended one, I’d recommend it.  You not only get to meet other geocachers, but you get to enjoy trading stories.  I’ve been to a few myself, so I thought I’d briefly mention the ones I’ve attended.

My first event cache was Breakfast at the Moose, an ongoing event that occurs every two weeks if possible. Located in Plattsmouth, NE, the company is fun and the food is good. I’ve been to this event twice, and would have attended more before leaving Lincoln if it hadn’t been for work. This is also where I met Vorticity, whom I joined forces on to solve The Case of Operose Obfuscation, a story all of it’s own. This is also a great little event to attend because of it’s frequency.

Next, I attended Geocache the Bluffs, an event in Council Bluffs Iowa that occured in October, 2007. A small get together followed by a round of caching through Council Bluffs, followed by a get together at the end. Unfortunately, we had the time wrong for the end and showed up as stragglers were leaving. So 8601, TC, and myself all missed out on the prize drawings. But it was a fun event none the less, giving us a chance to explore the area a bit.

This was followed by two rapid fire events in North Platte, NE. The first was WWFM – the Canteen, a flash mob event designed to last exactly 15 minutes from start to finish, not counting milling around “unsuspiciously” before starting and the five minute “immediate dispersal” that didn’t happen…LOL. It was one of around 80 that occurred were planned around the world, and I got to be the photographer. WOO-HOO!!! This was followed by the much longer and more involved East Meets West Event Cache about 45 minutes later. While the first event was fun, this one was a calmer way to meet people I hadn’t known before. For example, I got to meet Elmer’s Mayor and Bunch. I had found numerous caches by them both before and after meeting them, so it was nice to put faces with the names. It was also a different kind of event for me at the time because we had some presentations to help some of us learn a bit more about things like how GPSr’s work and the pro’s and con’s of different internet mapping sites like MapQuest, Google Maps, and others. 8601 and I also enjoyed doing some caching in North Platte afterwords, before getting frustrated by some DNF’s and deciding to head home.

Next came an event in Gothenburg, NE called WC-NE Chili Cook Off (the WC stands for West Central). A large event that provided some good food and celebration, TC was able to make the trip that weekend to join me at this one. We all helped Morgie H celebrate her 1000 find with a gold ammo can, alongside a Happy Birthday for ContryGuy. Again, another great chance to meet some new cachers and see some I hadn’t seen in a while. Plus, TC and I had a good run of caches on our way there and back.

Last, I attended Breakfast on Salt Creek II earlier this month. This was a newer reoccurring event cache, this time in Ashland, NE. More great food to eat as I enjoyed the company of fellow cachers. And like many other event caches, I got to discover and grab some trackables. That is one more bonus of attending event caches if you like travel bugs and geocoins.

So what’s in store for me? Coming up are two events I have on my calender. On August 23rd is the 8th Annual Kansas City Picnic. I’m looking forward to meeting some cachers from Kansas City and making some new friends from the area. Then, on September 13th is Kearney’s “Fifth Annual Geopicnic & Campfire”, a rather large event for Nebraska. This is a big one for me because I will join 8601 and several others in a small ceremony to celebrate completion of both the Nebraska Delorme and Nebraska County Challenges, and get to sign the logbooks for both. The camping will also be fun, and fellow geocacher/astronomer Twinstars and I have briefly discussed the idea of setting up some telescopes and having a viewing session. Which reminds me that I need to contact him.

So, as I said earlier, if you haven’t attended an event cache before, I would recommend keeping an eye out for one in your area. If you live close to a larger population area, the chances are a bit better. Plan on having some fun, and possibly some food. If you might be attending the two coming up in August and September that I am planning to go to, stop by and say hi.


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