New Challenges

Now that I’ve finished the Nebraska Delorme and County Challenges, I’m trying to make a decision.  Do I start working on another state, or do I push that off for a while and just work on numbers?  If I start another one, which state do I work on?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

Currently, if I were to start another one, I’d look at either Kansas or Missouri.  Each of them have both challenges, and those are the ones I’m closest too at the moment.  Regarding what I have finished for the Delorme aspects of these two states, I don’t know what I have done already.  But for the county challenges, that’s a different subject.  I’m currently sitting on 13 out of 105 Kansas Counties and 6 out of 115 Missouri Counties.  Based on that, the Kansas one seems easier.  However, I have more family off to the East.  It might be easier working on the Missouri one because I could easily pick a random route heading East and collect caches on the way.

So which one to choose.  At the moment, I’m just going to focus on caching in the area now that I live in a much more cache saturated area, working my way to 1000 by the end of the year if possible (I only have 205 left to find).  Maybe, if I’m lucky, I can hook up with another area cacher who wants to work on it and we can work together.  As I will always agree, caching with another person is more fun, especially when you are traveling around the state to complete challenges.  Plus, splitting gas costs makes it a bit more affordable.


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