8th Annual Kansas City Picnic

Finally, I got to writing about this.  It’s been a busy week folks, but now I can give a recap of the picnic I went too.  The picnic took place at a small park near the Southwest corner of I-435 in Lenexa, KS.  Attended by a huge crowd, I got to meet several people from the KC area and beyond.

Before I went to the picnic, I struggled with getting my weekly pocket query.  I wanted to update my information in GSAK.  The site registered a query having run the day before, but it had never arrived.  I finally set up a new one and ran it for Saturday, eagerly awaiting the cache.  I also did some laundry, and ran some errands before I hit the road.

Along the way, I picked up several caches.  With those few caches, I would be able to claim the picnic as my 800th cache.  They weren’t hard caches, except I did take a nasty hit to the head at one.  I was looking in a small spot in the center of a tree that could have a cache and when I lifted my head, I rammed it into a large thick thorn on the side of the tree.  I didn’t even break the thorn, but it did puncture my hat and left a throbbing pain on the side of my head.  As this was happening, several other cachers walked up.  Then, a few minutes later, I pulled the hat off to check my head and felt a thick bump growing.  When I pulled my hand away, I saw blood on my fingers.  Within a few minutes, the minor bleeding stopped, but it gives a good idea of how hard of a hit I took.

When I got to the picnic, I found a booth up front to drop bugs off at.  I had a newly created “Keychain Trader” bug that I dropped off, along with four others I had picked up at the breakfast event I was at in Nebraska a few weeks earlier.  I began a long process of collecting numbers, and while I think I collected a full listing, I’m sure I missed one or two by the end of the evening.  Looking through some of the stuff they had for sale, I also decided on my first geocoin (check out my previous post).

While collecting numbers, I happened to see a familiar face.  Sioneva had traveled down from Nebraska after Breakfast at the Moose to attend the event.  We chatted for a while, splitting up to check out different things, occasionally connecting again to chat some more.  After collecting numbers, I headed over to a shelter where they had set up a geocoin auction.  While there were some nice items there, since I had already purchased one I decided to leave this alone.  Some fellow cachers were there and I chatted with them about some topics before moving on.  They were nice and somewhat new to some of the stuff so it was nice to help pass on some ideas.  We talked a bit about challenges and paperless caching.  They would later spot me again and ask me some questions about geocoins.

After spending some time at the auctions, I went for some food, which was finally ready.  They had a large collection of different foods available that people had brought.  I could have eaten more but I actually went light with the food.  I was more thirsty than anything else with the heat.

Now, one trackable does come to mind to mention.  No, it wasn’t the trackable vehicles, or the trackable people (either with t-shirts or a magnetic nametag coin), but the trackable dog.  And not just any dog, but a two – three foot tall wooden dog taking a leak on a fire hydrant.  It had a travel bug around it’s neck.  I mention it because Sioneva and I had joked about her taking that back to Omaha with her and finding one of several particular houses to drop it off at.  But, alas, we didn’t follow through with that idea.

After the trackables, after the food, after the auction, and after meeting others, I went on the hunt.  Four new caches had been placed for this event, permanent caches set up in the park.  With some time, I went after and found all four.  It should be noted that on all four of them, I arrived at the site with people already there.  On two of them, I arrived as people were putting the log back in the container.  Regarding the other two, we had to find.  I found one of them while everyone else was about ten feet away, while the other one somebody else spotted.  All in all, the four caches weren’t too hard, but they were nice examples of concealing caches.

Once back to my car, I made one more stop to talk with some people before hitting the road.  I was ready to get back home.  Plus, with all the trackable codes I picked up, I had a lot of work ahead of me.  I got all of the written ones entered throughout the next day.  I still haven’t started on the printout of the binder that was available for perusal.

It was a fun event that is recommended to others if you want to have some fun.  I’m not looking forward to next year’s event.  Plus, I found out about in event in September and got some information about the MOGA event next March.  Two more events, and one is a compatition.  Hmmm….


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