On to 810

After the KC picnic, I had this grand idea of trying to do one cache a day for as long as I could keep up with it.  It last two days.  Oh well, there are enough around me that if I wanted to, I could start again.  Or, I could just go for volume on the weekends.  Anyway, I’ve picked up a few caches around me getting me to 810 caches.

I started with few caches down in Raymore, grabbing a traditional and a multi in the area.  They were quick caches that didn’t take too long to pick up, both in nice locations too.  After that, I stopped my streak plans and it took a few days to pick it back up.

My next cache was up near the Kansas City Zoo this past Saturday, grabbing a cache on the Fountain Tour, a collection of caches highlighting the fountains of Kansas City.  This was an interesting cache at a fountain named in honor of Delber J. Haff, not because some kids were swimming in the nearby fountain, but because just as I leaned down to grab the cache, I heard a large crash.  Looking up, I saw through some bushes a car slowing driving away from another car aimed in another direction. A split second later, I realized that one of the cars ran a red light. Based on the damage a truck took, it looks like it tried to rush through a red light and was turning left when it collided with what looked like a minivan (I can’t be certain…I’m not a auto expert). Of course, it could have been the other way around as nobody else was in the process of moving. Either way, nobody was hurt because I saw people walking around after both vehicles pulled to the side. As I left, it looked like the back seat driver side door was hit on the second vehicle. Lucky for the driver. The cache itself was easy and I dropped off a TB.

The next day, I got out and found one traditional, one multi, and one unknown. The unknown was of basic design, but I did like how the put the puzzle together. It was called Jeeps and was located just West of Belton. The final location was a spot that also needed to have some maintenance done. It was located at a park with enough grass and weeds growing that the parking lot needed mowing.

This brought me up to 810. I could have gone out Labor Day, but was too lazy and needed to get some work done. This weekend, I hope to go make a run in Overland Park/Olathe where there are some nice sets. Maybe I can get my bike ready and speed myself up as I go through them. For now, I’ll try for the occasional cache. I have one in Belton that I DNF’ed on two months ago when I first went through this area. I found out the other day that it had been misplaced and should be back where it’s supposed to be. There were too many muggles out the other day, so I put it off again. I will get that cache.


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One Response to On to 810

  1. P.J. says:

    Early in my caching days, I did all the ones around here, thus making it near impossible to get one a day without having to go too far. I need to live in a city!

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