The Alphabet Challenge

A new challenge cache has popped up in Nebraska within the last week. Thankfully, it will require no work outside of finding it because I have all the requirements done. The challenge is based on the alphabet.

Called an alphabet soup challenge, the idea is to find a cache for every letter of the alphabet.  Now, sometimes you might find cachers who hide a series of alphabet related caches, but that is different.  For this challenge, the caches you use to complete the challenge must each start with a different letter of the alphabet.  For many letters, this isn’t a problem.  However, some letters do require some work to find caches near yourself starting with those letters. Some additional requirements can include all of the caches being from one state and excluding certain types of caches, in the case of the Nebraska version, which requires them to be Nebraska caches and event caches are excluded. Then there are some additional rules such as how to handle a cache beginning with A or The and whether they can be old finds or finds after the start of the challenge.

I’ve already created a bookmark list on my profile called TripCyclone’s NE Alphabet Soup. However, I’ll go ahead and list the caches I’m using here:

A Bit of New England – GCH9FK
Ballview Cache – GCJN7T
Cache Creek Cache – GC1ATR7
Da Cache Da Hadar – GC12GCX
East Lincoln Parks #1 (Herbert) – GCR11R
Facus Springs II – GCJFFK
Gage County 4-H – GC15QGY
Hangman’s Curse – GC18FBR
I-80 Paperback Book Library – GCK0YE
Jack & Jill – GC1A3G0
Kapa – GC12ZAQ
Lakebound – GC11GF0
Main Place of Rest in Hastings – GCZ928
Nasharo – GCXQC6
Odd little road near the park – GC10E4F
Pajama Party – GCQR1B
Quick stop on the bike trail – GCWG20
Race to Fight – GC15EXC
Sagittarius – GC1CRRA
Take a Diversion – GCKR0C
UNL Plaza Cam – GCK50H
Valley View – GCQZ42
Wagons Ho! – GCNH57
X Marks – GCWA3G – The only one that is archived at this time.
Yankee Hill Lake Cache – GCGK0V
Zak’s Hideaway – GC18QFY

So, as you see, I have completed the requirements of this challenge. I should be able to log it next Sunday after the Kearney Picnic before the drive home. That will make it three challenge caches that I’ll be logging this coming weekend. Cool.


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