Kearney Geopicnic

One more day. One more day and I’ll be in Kearney, NE at the Kearney’s “Fifth Annual Geopicnic & Campfire”. I’m ready for the trip.I missed last year’s picnic so I’m looking forward to this one.  And for those who are already aware of this, I’ll be signing the logbooks for two challenge caches while I’m there.  And the cobbler.  Who isn’t looking forward to the famous cobbler, a yearly tradition at the picnic it seems.

The picnic will be held at a park Southeast of Kearney, on the South side of Interstate 80.  We’ve already reserved a camping spot for the four of us: TC, 8601, myself and a fourth friend who is about to go to basic.  I’ll be heading up Friday right after work, making a stop in Lincoln to meet up with 8601 and transfer stuff to his truck.  Then we will head out to Kearney.

Friday night is an astronomy event called <a href=””>Off Planet Cache III</a> setup nearby for all the geocachers who show up early to attend (make sure to check out the cache page for directions if you are going to attend.  Twinstars, myself, and some others will be setting up equipment to let people see the heavens, weather permitting.  I plan on setting up again Saturday night, but Friday is the official event.

Saturday will include several events, including a much anticipated night cache.  I can’t wait to see all the coins and items people bring, the potential purchases I can make, and just what kinds of caches might be set up for the attendees to find.  Plus, the opportunity to hang out with everyone is a big bonus.

So keep on the lookout next week to hear about how things went.


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