Never Underestimate Geocachers

You occasionally hear negative stories about geocaching.  It could be the rare “bomb threat” scenario, where a cache is hidden without thought about what others may see when a random person is digging in the bushes near a police station/bank/government building.   It could be the person who steals cache containers, or somebody who doesn’t properly log items and throws things off (you’ll run into this often).  Occasionally, you’ll come across stolen geocoins.

At the Kearney Geopicnic, my first geocoin came up missing.  Announcements went out over the Nebraskache e-mail listing, at the event itself, and even on the coins page.  After a week of not hearing a thing, I began to worry that it was intentionally stolen.  It is a nice coin and I heard a lot of people talking about how cool it was.  I was ready to give the benefit of the doubt, but doubt was waning.

Then I got home from work and checked my e-mail less than an hour ago.  I had heard a rumor that a couple had gotten married and were going on their honeymoon right after the event.  I held a slim sliver of hope that it might have been grabbed and the person who grabbed it didn’t realize they had grabbed it because of lack of internet access.  Well, that slim sliver turned into reality as I was informed that they had grabbed it by accident and would like to get it back to me.

So I’m currently in a great mood.  Hopefully, it arrives by Friday as I am going to another event Saturday.  I will keep a tight leash on my coin this time, but at least I can continue my plan of taking it to every cache I find, starting with find # 800.

Never underestimate the honesty of geocachers.


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