Jesse James Cache Bash

Yesterday, I went up to Savannah, MO for the Jesse James Cache Bash.  It was a bit of a drive to get to it, about 75 miles, but the event ended up being a lot of fun.  You could quickly tell that some money was put into it, and a lot of people showed up. 

Held at a park in Savannah, MO, this was the first year for this event.  I arrived just as food was being served.  The chicken they had was amazing, along with some good macaroni salad and snacks.  They needed more of the Geopunch, though lots of water was provided.  I signed up and received a door prize ticket (which I later lost and had to have replaced), along with a bag of goodies.  The goodies included some pens, a brochure about nearby St. Joseph, a notepad, a keychain, and even a nice flashlight.  I quickly settled ino some food.  While eating, I ran into some fellow cachers I knew and chatted with them a bit about the Kearney Geopicnic that we all attended.  I then talked with some cachers I hadn’t met before.  After eating, I went over to the trackables table and started writing down numbers.  There, I ran into JLondon1963 again, who I hadn’t seen since the breakfast event in Ashland, NE almost two months ago.  We talked a bit before I started getting the numbers.

As I was writing down numbers, an announcer began talking about the event caches.  There were three games set up.  One was to find a key, one involved collecting poker chips, and another asked you to collect cards to get a staight (everyone who got all the cards got a straight, so really you just had to collect the five cards).  If you got all three poker chips (red, white, and blue), then you got a free unactivated travel bug.  If you got the straight, you could get a prize off of the tables, minus the stuff on one table.  If you got the key, you got to try your key in a locked box of geocaching goodies.

As I was entering the coordinates for the thirteen caches set up for the event, I was dealing with some frustration.  My GPSr was being annoying and randomly shutting off.  It later fixed itself, but the timing was bad.  Thankfully, JLondon1963 let me join her and her dog Jesse.  So we hopped into the car and sped off to grab some caches.  We ended up getting 12 of the 13 caches, each of which were loggable online, before we headed back to the picnic.  From what we found out, the 13th one didn’t have any of the things we needed to collect.  In the end, we each got a key and a straight, but we missed getting a red poker chip.  She later got one from somebody and was able to claim a TB, but I didn’t really work to get one.

The event caches were well done, even though some were dead giveaways when we saw a group of people standing around random spots.  Some were really well done while others were just basic caches.  I really liked one that had an excellent camo job.  It was near a grave and looked just like one of the broken headstone sitting around the base of a larger marker.

Once back at the picnic, we signed up for the unlocking the box.  They wouldn’t let people just walk up and test it.  Instead, they logged people in as they arrived and later let us test them in that order.  Then we turned in our cards to get a prize.  I almost went with a large pvc container that would be good for a cache but I passed it up for a nice book of postcards from St. Joseph’s history.  JLondon did grab one of the two remaining pvc containers though.  Grabbing another cookie, I went to sit down and start figuring out which trackables to take with me.  Eventually, they did the key cache.  I’m not sure how far down the list I was, but I didn’t get to try mine.  Somebody else was able to open it.  Now the container was filled with geocaching goodies, and probably the most valuable part was the roughly dozen geocoins inside.  Lucky them.  They got to keep it all too.

Then they did the door prizes.  It was at this point that I realized I had lost my ticket.  They were nice enough to give me a replacement.  It took a while before I got called, and watch it my lost number was one of the ones that got called earlier too.  I got up there just in time to get one of the last unactivated geocoins.  I was going to grab one, but it got picked up just before I reached for it.  So I grabbed a micro coin.  It is a Benchmark geocoin, with one side looking like a benchmark.  Going back to my seat, I began talking with some other cachers.

That pretty much was the end of the event.  It was a lot of fun, especially the event caches.  It was cool that they had so many prizes that they started going through the door prize numbers a second time.  I would have liked to have won that box of goodies though.  Hopefully, they try this again next year as I would definitely do it again.

On my way home, I grabbed a few more caches, bringing myself up to 20 caches for the day.


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