TB Motel/Hotel/Hostel/Inn/Whatever-you-want-to-call-it

I’ve been thinking about a few cache ideas lately.  As with preparing any hide, you want a good spot to place it so that it fits in with your idea.  One idea I’ve been tossing around is creating a pict-o-cache.  They are fun to do so I thought it might be fun to make one.  However, I need to find a good spot to do it at.  But after the Jesse James Cache Bash, I found myself with six new trackables, plus three of my own.  Sooooo, my response was to make a TB motel/hotel/hostel/inn/whatever-you-want-to-call-it.

I have two ammo cans that have been prepared for caching, I just hadn’t used them yet.  Finally, I have a use.  So I started putting together the final touches.  Armed with a baggie, I put together a small notepad, pencil, and cache information sheet.  I found a few quick tradeables, including a small puzzle, a small plastic slinky, a plastic jeep, a bouncy ball, and I think a magnet.  I then threw in the TB’s/coins I got at the event last Saturday.  I was ready to go.

Looking over some maps of the area, I picked out two locations.  It was getting late so I grabbed a flashlight and headed out.  Both spots were near highway exits, so they would work well for quick park and grabs.  At spot one…well actually as I approached spot one…I found that there were some cement barricades up and I swore I saw a sign saying no trespassing.  So I moved to the second spot.  At that one, it looked like they were preparing for some road work and a possible construction site.  Guess that’s out of the question.  So I headed back home for the night.

The next day, I grabbed everything and headed to work.  There is an area along the way that had only one cache, and some potential for more.  I decided to check it out after work.  Going through a normal day at work, I was about to head out when I realized that I had almost forgotten to make a stencil so that I could spray paint “Official Geocache” on the side of the ammo can.  The sticker I had was meant for a small cache.  Heading back inside, I discovered that the Office software I had didn’t have a stencil option so I just used Wordart to make one.  After printing it out, I thought that scissors wouldn’t be the best way to cut it out, so I grabbed an art knife and began carving it out.  Almost an hour later, I locked up and went back to my car.  Grabbing a can of khaki colored spray paint, I tried my best to paint the letters onto the side of the can.  As anyone who has used spray paint can attest, using printer paper doesn’t work well.  But, it came out readable enough that you can tell what it says.  Armed and ready to go, I turned on my GPSr and left the parking lot.

I called 8601 because I had one last question.  It had been a while since I had last checked out the area and I wanted to make sure that there wasn’t already a TB cache nearby.  Plus, I needed to verify where the parks were.  Checking out one of the parks, I found it wouldn’t work for my purposes.  8601 spotted another nearby park that might be better so I headed there.  It worked.  I found a good spot to place it and began grabbing coordinates.

An hour later, I was back home with the cache submitted for review.  A few hours later, it was published, and within 24 hours, it had FTF by some local cachers.  With six trackables in the new Peculiar TB Hostel, my fifth cache is off the ground, helping to serve as a dropping point for incoming or outgoing caches on HWY 71 on the Southeast side of Kansas City.


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