Heritage Park

This week has seen a little bit more caching. First, a week ago I saw an increase from the Jesse James Cache Bash. Then I placed a cache. Next, I knocked off two more caches in my area. Today, I added another 18. It started with a FTF.

Last night, I got home after grabbing a quick cache and saw that a new one had popped up earlier in the evening.  Not really in the mood to go after it, I decided to grab it in the morning.  So imagine my surpise that it was still open for an FTF this morning.  After getting my GPSr and PDA ready, I hit the road.  With fingers crossed, I arrived at a small park in Grandview and began my search.  Eventually, I found the cache and was happy to see that I officially got an FTF on it.  The day was starting off well.

But, it was quickly overturned by a DNF at the next stop.  After some time spent on that one, I moved on.  I had planned on continuing with a puzzle series called Cache of Many Colors. I had grabbed one of the six colors in August and felt that maybe I should finish it. So I went after the other five, making a stop to eat before I continued with the final. That didn’t take too much work. It was a quick find, as the first of the two possible spots was definitely not right.

Moving on, I drove to Heritage Park & Golf Course. I made a drive from one end to the other to quickly spot where everything was at and possible parking spots. Once at the other end, I started with the cache there and began working my way back through the park. The first few finds weren’t too bad. It was when I was forced to walk through prairie without any paths that things became a problem. It was the dang stick-tight seeds, or whatever they are called. I hear them called stick-tights because they attach themselves to your pants like super glue and are a pain to take off. On two separate occasions while going after and coming back from a cache I became covered in them.

After discovering that an ice scraper can also double as a seed scraper, I moved on to some more caches. It was after the next few caches that I ran into a cache needing maintenance. Parts of the clue at the first stage were wet enough to cause the ink to bleed and become unreadable. I only had partial coordinates. I wasn’t willing to test them with muggles nearby. I was already suspicious that they had seen me moving about in the woods near them and decided to head out.

By this point, I was getting a bit tired and I needed some water. The water at the fountains wasn’t enough. So I made a run to the nearby clubhouse. After seeing their prices, I began considering the huge amount of muggles in the areas where the remaining caches were and decided to head out. Making my way back to 135th St., I stopped at a few more caches, finding two more and getting one more DNF. I tried to make another stop where there are three webcam caches, but the camera was down according to 8601 so we couldn’t try that. At this point, it was getting quite dark and I decided to call it a night.

In the end, I got 18 caches and two DNFs. One puzzle, two multi’s and the rest traditionals. Oh, and the FTF. Overall…a good day.


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