My Next Cache

Sometimes you are amazed where an idea comes from.  My newest cache, which is awaiting publishing, came to me out of the blue.  I have been wanting to place a pict-o-cache lately, but finding a good location for such a cache is important.  Thanks to 8601 and his desire to come up with an interesting puzzle cache, my mind went back to some of my thoughts regarding placing one of my own.  Then, in a moment of timing, I thought of something.

Yesterday, I began examining places that I could place a cache.  I knew of some locations, but needed to look at the map on the geocaching website to find some other spots.  Finally I hit the road, taking a few different types of micro containers with me.

Stopping at the first place I was going to check, there were some nice locations, but for what I wanted to do, those locations didn’t work out.  One spot left the container more visible than I liked, and the other couldn’t ensure that the container would stay in place.  So on to the next one.

About an hour later, having driven by more spots than I expected to go by, I finally found an area that had potential.  With some work, I found a decent spot to place the cache.  Turning on my GPSr, I began waiting for signal so I could grab the coordinates.  This is when my first real problem became apparent…my batteries were dead.  After a few more tries, I hopped in the car and drove to a nearby gas station to pick up some batteries as I didn’t want to drive all the way home for the ones I had in my camera bag.

Once my GPSr was ready to go, I went back and started collecting coordinates for averaging.  Once happy, I hopped back in my car and went home, where I made dinner before working on the putting the cache page together.

The puzzle itself may look seem simple at first glance, but it’s not.  Titled Resistance is Futile…or is it?, the cache has just been published as I write this. I am going to post the puzzle here, but please don’t discuss clues/hints or say anything that might give it away. If you have questions, send me a line. Here is the puzzle:

Final coordinates are:

N 38 A

W 94 B

I have refrained from putting out a hint for now.  If there seems to be a demand for it, I might change that.  I’m debating the difficulty of it thought.  I posted it as a 3.5 with a terrain of 1.5.  I might change the difficulty if convinced that it needs to be changed.

Good luck everyone,


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