And That’s Number Seven

Every morning I drive through a small neighborhood to avoid the traffic at a HWY 71 exit.  Everyday I passed by a park without realizing it was there.  A few days ago, I happened to notice it as I drove by later in the day.  So, I thought I would check it out.  I found some potential hiding spots and decided to come back.

This morning, I went back to the park with some ready to go caches and began going through hiding spots.  I thought I had one picked out for a nano.  Set in place and collecting coordinates, I remembered two other spots I had seen the day before.  So I went off to check them out.

Looking them over, and after some thought, I decided to change my plans and used a different container at a different spot.  It is a basic hide, something that people have likely seen before, but I figured it has less of a chance of being muggled.  I collected the coordinates then drove home to get the cache submitted.

So today, I welcomed my seventh cache to the world…The Key to Belvidere Park.


UPDATE: A thanks goes out to awhsom, who got STF. They were the first log to get posted, and they mentioned a pair of sunglasses at the cache site. Not reading the log right, I thought they said the owner left them. I quickly went out and found my new pair of sunglasses sitting near the cache. Once again, the good nature of cachers is shown.

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