An event cache?

If you haven’t been to a Flash Mob event, you’re missing out.  One of the fastest events you’ll likely attend, it is an entire event cache crammed into 15 minutes.  I attended one in North Platte, NE with 8601 last November.  Today, I scouted a location and submitted a cache report for one here in KC.  I’m now planning my first event cache.

About a week ago, I was looking through events coming up and realized that in the string of upcoming WWFM events on November 8th, there was nothing representing KC.  So I posted a note on the MoGeo forums to see if people were interested and to hear location ideas.  After receiving some feedback, I went out today to scout out Loose and Volker parks to see which one I wanted to hold it at.

First, I worked my way to Volker Park.  I had to work at it because I kept driving myself to blocked intersections.  I finally made it my going around to The Plaza and doubling back to the park.  I checked out the area, finding the info to log the nearby Play Ball virtual.  I found one spot next to the small river that would be a good area to get a group together.  Several photographers were around doing portrait work, a reminder that with the advent of digital, a lot more “professionals” seem to pop up.

Next, I went to Loose Park.  There, I found more photographers.  I took a seat within a large group of Canada Geese and took some shots.  They were a lot less unfriendly than you would think, well accustomed to all the people who help feed them.  After some shots of the birds and people feeding them, I began walking around to find some possible spots for the event.  The area near the ponds just didn’t seem right, and there were too many people.  It was on the way back to my car that I deviated down another path and came across an odd looking tree.  The area fit well for an event, and provided an interesting backdrop for a group photo.  I took some coordinates and headed out.

I grabbed three more caches in that area before heading home.  Once home, I prepared a cache page and submitted the report.  The event is called WWFM IV – Stayin Loose in KC. My first event cache has officially been published.


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