TC’s & 8601’s Weekend Visit

This weekend, TC and 8601 made a visit to KC.  The plan was to grab a few caches, and to go to World’s of Fun, the amusement park of the area.  With their Halloween events going on, it sounded like fun.  Plus, they helped me place a new cache.

It started on Friday, with the two of them arriving in KC late that night.  Late because they stopped for a few caches along the way.  After getting settled, we discussed our plans for the weekend and got some sleep.  It had been a long day and 8601 was tired from the extra work he put in at his job due to a last minute problem.

The next day, we loaded our GPSr’s and I updated my PDA and hit the road.  The plan was to stop for lunch before going to Worlds of Fun.  Worlds of Fun is a local amusement park that attracts a lot of people from the surrounding area.  Stopping at one of my Belvidere Park cache, we then went on the way to lunch, we happened to drive by a cache.  Stopping to pick it up, we didn’t realize until today that it had been archived back in June.  It was still there, so we are claiming a find.  We then went to lunch, where we probably spent less money than we would have for the same meal at the park.  Before we hit the park, we stopped at a cemetary just outside the park to pick up a cache.

Now, going to an amusement park may not seem like that big a deal, but an interesting thing happened which I’ll hit on later.  We went on a few rides, TC going on one that I wasn’t ready to go on yet (I am not a big roller coaster person, and that one pushed my limit for nerves).  We walked our way over to Mamba next.  Getting 205 feet in the air, it had two steep drops.  I went on this one, willing to try it because it didn’t have any spots where it flips upside down like the other one.  We went to a few more spots, and walked around the park, before we decided to take a break (there isn’t a lot to the park, which was disappointing…the water park was closed otherwise it would have been a bit more interesting).  We had day passes, so we could leave and come back.

We went to a nearby park which had several caches and started hiking.  We had three out of five finds by the time we finished.  On one DNF, we happened across a couple of teenagers (from the look of it) in a secluded section of the park.  Following the GPSr, we headed away from them.  Once we realized the GPSr was teasing us, we walked back.  As we rounded a corner, we saw them getting ready to leave.  But that wasn’t the funny part.  The funny part was that we saw the girl pulling her pants up.  Oh, the embarrassment if the GPSr hadn’t guided us away, as they were positioned right around 75 feet from the cache.

The second DNF was in a wooded area at the other end of the park.  With an amazing viewpoint from a manmade lookout spot, I’m planning on going back with a camera and tripod…and the cache we missed.  With that one missed, we headed back to the car and went to a nearby gas station to get some sandwiches.  After our makeshift dinner, we went back to Worlds of Fun.  Time for some more rides.

We went back and walked around a bit, letting our food settle before heading back to Mamba (video at the linked page).  Now, let me explain how Mamba rides.  Sitting in sets of two people, each ride takes 36 people through the course. The cars leave the station and turns 90 degrees left, going up a 205 foot hill, then back down at 75 mph, then back up a 185 foot hill and back down. Twisting slightly to the right, it goes up and hill and then tilts as it goes through a 580 degree degree twist. It then turns left. Now lined up with the first two hills, you ride alongside them through six hills of decreasing height before taking a 90 degree turn to the right. Now lined up with the station, you go forward and back around to finish the ride.

Why tell you all this? Well, TC just bought a new hat emblazoned with the logo for Nebraskache. BRAND NEW…at $18. I thought he wore it the previous time we road Mambo, but maybe I’m wrong. Anyway, this time, he wore it. It survived the first two hills, but at the top of the third, just as we began to twist, it flew off. Now mind you, we are going about 60 miles per hour through a twist. When we got to the bottom of the hill, still not even halfway through it, I happened to look at him and notice it was gone. At that moment, I yelled out “Did you lose the hat or take it off?”

“It’s gone!” he replied.

I laughed as we went through the turn and headed to the final hills. Having worked out where the camera was, we counted the dips and smiled for the camera. When the we came to the turn where we slowed down, the surprise came.

“So, who lost the hat?”

We looked at each other and laughed as we turned our heads around. “I did,” TC replied.

Apparently, a kid about 10 or 11 years old was riding two seats back from me. I’m on the left, TC on the right. As it flew off, the kid has her hands in the air and the hat flew right into her hands. She gripped onto it and held on. TC’s brand new hat, which he thought was lost, had been caught in mid-air, during a curve, going 60 mph! We laughed as we suggested she become a receiver or start playing baseball. Oh yeah, did I mention that at this point, it was now well past sunset! Talk about a story.

We went on to have some fun exploring the haunted parts of the park before heading home once we got tired. It didn’t take long to fall asleep back home. Today, after getting up, I took them to go after my two other caches. TC had solved the puzzle, and we had some TB’s to drop at my TB Hostel. While in Peculiar, 8601 “encouraged” me to place a cache at a park I had previously looked at for the TB Hostel. Placing it, we moved on for lunch before heading back to my place so they could pack up. Making sure he had some caches loaded, they hit the road, planning on making some stops on the way home.

It was a fun weekend, and it became a great example of the kinds of adventures the three of us have when we go caching…teens making out in the park, visiting great lookout spots, and craziness, this time with a hat. What will happen next time we cache together?


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