The DUH Moment

We’ve all had them, caching related or not.  As cachers, we have this quite often on site.  That moment when you realize that you overlooked some simple clue or that you were making the cache harder than it really was before reaching to grab it…it’s called the DUH moment.

For the safety of the cache, I’ll avoid saying the names or describing how I solved them.  The caches are cache 1 and cache 2.  Heck, I’ll be nice and try to avoid even stating where they are located.  At least one cache is something 8601 and I had tried to solve in the past, though how long in the past is for us to know.  So, stating that, let’s begin.

First, one of the caches I had seen before.  It involves deciphering a picture.  Some statements are made that hint towards how to solve, but without the right thinking, it will elude you at first.  This is cache number 1.

The other cache was a new one for me to look at, but not 8601.  He had tried to solve it once before, but without any luck.  This one doesn’t have a picture, but it does have a puzzle for the final coordinates.  This is cache number 2.

The picture for #1 is interesting.  Your first thought is what the artifacts of the picture represent.  You are working with more than one variable in the artifacts, which makes it harder.  Examining the description and the clue make things weirder as you try to understand what they mean.  I’ll admit, the key aspect of the picture was something I HAD ACTUALLY TRIED BEFORE, but without results.  There is another piece of thinking required to make sense of it all.

The coordinates for #2 involve a text puzzle, but simple substitution will not work.  Reading the clue doesn’t make much sense either, even if you know what the clue is refering too.  Frankly, I took a look at it and told 8601 “Sorry, but it’s too late for me and it doesn’t make any sense at the moment.”  Having just solved #1, I went to bed at least a little satisfied.

#1 finally makes a little sense once you figure out the secondary piece of information.  How to figure it out what that information means is something that should seem obvious to anyone, so why didn’t we solve it?  It’s figuring out that it is an important clue is what isn’t so obvious.  8601 was on the phone with me when the light bulb went off in both of our heads at the same time.  We simultaneously looked up the information, and within about two minutes we had solved the puzzle.  I might have actually smacked my head as the DUH moment hit.  Cache #1 solved.

8601 made the effort to get a clue for #2, and e-mailed me the response the next day, with the statement “This clue made this way too easy to solve, so I will let you solve this.  It took only 2 minutes after I had this clue.”  He was right.  I took another look at the cache, realized what I needed to do and had the answer within 2 minutes as well.  Cache #2 solved.

So after all of this, we have two more puzzle caches solved.  Which ones, where they are, who they are by, even when either of us first looked at them, is between him and me.  But I’ll say this…the DUH moment has struck again.


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One Response to The DUH Moment

  1. P.J. says:

    I’ve had my share of duh moments out there, but mystery I usually credit the cache owner if they get me on a mystery one!

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