Lots of News

Okay, today has been a busy day for me with regards to geocaching. I have several announcements, a new TB, and two more caches I found. So what will we start with? How about the cache finds…If you saw my post titled “Halloween Caching”, then you know that I had to cut my weekend caching short because I somehow strained just the right spot on my lower back.  Well, today, I went back out to the area I had been to so that I could grab two caches, conveniently right after it started to drizzle.  I got to City Lake first, a new multi-cache placed last weekend. This wasn’t too hard of a fine, and the location was a good spot for it. While I reached for the final cache, I scared a bird. Amazing how they don’t get scared until you reach for the cache, and not once while you rustle through the bushes and trees, waving a flashlight around. Hmmm?

I went after HBmamaG’s Coin Frenzy/ The Den II next. This one is a great example of a night cache, but tonight was just my night for craziness. Composed of two separate trails, each with paths to follow for the cache, you don’t know which one to take. Each one results in finding something…one leads to the cache, the other to a container for trading coins. After scaring some deer and getting a bit wet on a lengthy hike through the woods, I’ll just finish my evening’s caching experience by posting what my log entry says for the other half:
“Back to my car. I tried the other path. It is a short walk, but once I made it to the coin half of the cache, I again worked to avoid rain. I got it opened and dropped the lid. Reaching over to pick up the lid I fell on my side. Sitting back up I dropped my flashlight and the cache container. Picking everything up, my glasses finally slid off. This just is one big mess, and only one of the multiple coins was even in here. AWWWW!!!! I left it for someone else.”

So I mentioned some announcements as well. First, I recently found out that some of the other geocachers who run geocaching blogs have started a race. I’m about two weeks late, but they were nice enough to let me join in the race, which will last one year. That is why I went out caching. I dropped my race entry, HooHaa TB Race – Easy Flyer, into City Lake this evening, where it will begin it’s winning race performance. Expect to see updates posted on here, and some smack talk as I show the other participants up with my mad TB racing skills.

And for the last announcement…the


one. If you haven’t noticed, there is now a new page on my blog. Off to the right, and along the page headings under my title image, there is a page called “The Great TB Race of 2009”. I was coming up with rules for a race of my own (and no, finding out about the blogging race actually happened after I started planning…8601 can confirm) and have finally worked out the details. The race is open to all cachers who are interested, and will be a bit different than your typical mileage race. Check it out for more information, then decide if you want to join. The more racers, the more interesting the competition.

I think that about covers it for now. I’ll be back soon with details about the upcoming WWFM IV event here in Kansas City.


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One Response to Lots of News

  1. Elin Carlson says:

    Great blog!
    Your TB is toast, though… LOL
    Here’s the link to my blog – http://emcofnorthridge.wordpress.com

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