WWFM IV Results

November 8th was the big day…the World Wide Flash Mob IV events around the world were occuring. Here in Kansas City, I took on the role of hosting it. It went better than planned.

The day started off for me with some e-mails.  I needed to send out a few regarding my TB race.  But once I had that all good, I setup my GPS for the day and left, grabbing what I needed for myself and the event.  I had plans to do some caching before and after, leaving home at about 10 AM.  My first stop was a cache up near Waldo.

After my first find, I began working my way towards the event, grabbing caches from the Trolley Trail series and from the Fountain Tour series.  I had three DNF’s and four finds.  The part that stunck was when I got home and found that two of the three DNF’s had been found.  DOH!  At about 11:30, I hit the end and drove over to Loose Park to get ready.

Arriving at the park, I happened to see one person wandering around near the cache with a ladder propped up against a tree.  A family walked by as I approached and left.  Exchanging some words with NuvoSeeker, I found out he was going to help with the photos and brought the ladder for the group photo.  I set my supplies aside and went for a walk, looking for Larry.  The coins I ordered were going to arrive on Saturday, but not soon enough for me to bring to the event.  Before finding him, I ran into loads of other cachers wandering around.  This started to get my blood ready for the event as I saw more and more people show up.  Larry, once I found him, graciously provided some coins under the promise that I would mail some of the ones he sent back.

Before I called everyone over, I got a slight chuckle.  Everyone’s attempt at not looking like a forming crowd went off well, if you consider they were trying to avoid the spot of the event.  They just were joining into groups about 100-200 feet away.  It was a bit funny.  Not too many muggles around on this chilly morning.

And the event was off.  Adults drop your log sheets here, kids drop them over here.  TB’s/Coins over with Larry and over here.  Swag can be traded over here.  Everyone get ready, we’ll be meeting up over there for the photo.  Okay, lets get ready.  Neenee Raven, you can hold that wonderful poster you made over here in the center.  Everyone smile and wave for the camera.  Okay, let’s try again.  Now time for door prizes…kids first.  Now adults.  Okay, have a good day everyone, the event’s over.  DISPERSE!

I was especially happen with two things.  One was the size.  After the event, I counted up about 100 people based on the log sheets.  The second was the prizes.  One kid won an unactivated Kansas Sunshine Geocoin, but I’m not sure if he realized what he won.  With all the prizes won, a lot of people won some coins, pathtags, and ready to go caches (I’m waiting to see some new caches pop up on the grid).  It was all fun.

Then I left to get some more caches.  I wanted to go hit Crown Center and the pluthra of caches up there, but instead found myself working my way up to there.  I ran into Cyndicow and some other cachers from Pleasant Hill when I arrived at a Fountain Tour cache.  The highlight of caches for me was A Scouting Goal, located at a memorial for Eagle Scouts. Since I’m an Eagle Scout, this was cool. I also happened to grab a scouting related travel bug at the event and got a photo at this cache.

The travel bug is the small colorful patch near the bottom of the photo.  Now, before I mention my only beef with the fountain, remember that you have to be 18 or younger to become an Eagle Scout.  Looking the fountain up, this sculpture used to be used at the Pennsylvania Railroad Station on 7th Avenue in New York City.  Before the station was demolished/abandoned/whatever-happened-to-it-after-being-shut-down, the president of the Boy Scout Regional Council petitioned to get it.  The clock face was removed and replaced with the Eagle Scout Badge.  This was placed in Kansas City due to the consistantly high number of Eagle Scout Awards in the area.  Remember…an award for young boys 18 or younger.  Well, nobody thought to cover up the half naked lady in the sculpture before placement.  A bit odd, but they probably figured that it was art and was okay.  Oh, if you haven’t noticed, which would be very hard to do, the fountain could use a clean-up effort.  Hmmm…Eagle Scout Project?

After the fountain, I kept working my way North.  I got two virtuals within all the traditionals I visited.  I did get to one cache by Larry739 called Dogs World of Fun. I had a DUH moment (lol…after my post on that, 8601 keeps using it when telling me about caches he goes after) when I realized that the reason the approach seemed odd, even though I was only 500 ft away, was because I was approaching it not only from the wrong street, but from the wrong elevation. I was too high up and on the other side of rather nice piece of private property. I eventually made it around and grabbed it.

When I finally made it to the South side of Penn Valley Park, where I would have originally began my attack after the event, I began to drag a bit and decided to call it for the day. However, I needed one more cache. So, going through what was in my GPSr, I eventually made it to Rest In Parking Lot. Why one more? Because that became my 900th find. WOO-HOO!!! I’m closing in on my goal of 1000 by the end of the year and it is definitely feasible. I took forever to get to 800 because I was just being lazy, and because my weekends kept getting filled. Now, it’s time to work my butt off to get to 1000.

Only 100 more to go….


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2 Responses to WWFM IV Results

  1. golfgunny says:

    Sounds like a fun day. Nice shot of the Eagle Scout Memorial.

  2. P.J. says:

    Sounds like a fun day. I’d like to take part in a WWFM event one of these days. They sound really fun.

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