Quick Night Caching

My goal of 1000 caches before the end of 2008 is fast approaching.  I have just under two months to get 100 caches.  So, let’s get started.Being a new teacher in the district I’m at, I had to go through some new teacher requirements.  If I had ten years under my belt it might seem more repetitive, but with only one year behind me, it’s proving very useful.  One of the things involves a series of workshops.  If I attend all of them instead of just what’s required, I can apply for 1 grad. credit for a relatively cheap price.  I was at my third session tonight.

With some nearby caches available, I loaded my GPSr before heading out and went to my class.  Afterwords, I debated going, especially since I forgot to bring a pen.  Finding one in my car, I choose to go after them.  Looking at my GPSr, I decided to go to School Days first.  It is a small cache located at nearby Marion Park.  Not much of a park you might think as it is located between two roads with not much of a park feeling to it, but it does have a historical marker (which I always like) and a nice large creek running through it.  Finding a parking spot isn’t easy, but I finally found a minor pullout just large enough for my car on the side of the road.  I grabbed a flashlight and hopped out of the car.  Eventually walking around, I took a look at the markers, detailing some interesting history about the early settlers around this area and a nearby school house.  Looking at the GPSr, I saw I was close and began looking around.  I could quickly deduce “tree cache” but finding it didn’t look to be quick with the darkness and the clue.  When I happened upon it a few minutes later, I laughed and reached for it.  A bird could be heard rustling behind the cache and quickly moving away.  Signing the log, I put the cache back and walked back to my car.

Next, I decided to go after Muskrat Island, a regular cache found in another small park nearby. This time, there would be a pond instead of a creek. Looking at my PDA, I expected a geocoin inside so I reached for the buckets I used at the WWFM event, which still had some leftover swag. Grabbing a matchbox car, I hopped out of the car with my flashlight and began to follow the GPSr.

Getting close, I noticed that the ground was getting moister. Within 15 feet, I began to swivel around and spotted two potential hiding spots. Moving just a bit and I was able to spot the signs of a hide. As I got closer, I knew I was right. I reached for the ammo can and opened up to find a spider moving around inside. I helped him out and began my check. Nope. No geocoin. However, I did find an interesting looking book and a scout badge, so I traded for those. The book for me, the badge for a scouting TB I picked up at the WWFM called Pack 533 Travel Bug. One goal of the TB is to meet and collect other council badges. With a district name on it, the location the badge was from could be identified including it’s council. I decided it could be attached to the TB, even though it wasn’t a council badge (anyone who has been in scouts could probably instantly recognize the shape of a council badge and knows what I’m referring too). After signing the log, I closed up and rehid the cache.

Walking back to my car, I hit the “Found” button on my PDA and decided to call it a night. There are other caches nearby, but I’ll save them for another day.

2 down, 98 to go.


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One Response to Quick Night Caching

  1. P.J. says:

    98 in just under two months? Something tells me if you put your mind to it, you’ll get it. Also sounds like you had an enjoyable two caches there.

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