My Pain Is Discovered

So, for those who haven’t read it already, on Halloween morning I quickly found myself with lower back problems. It cut into my daily exercise, somewhat into my caching (especially that day), and added to an overall daily discomfort. Two weeks later, the pain is still there, though quite subdued from what I experienced that weekend. Now, I know what’s wrong.

Ice packs, Icey/Hot, heating pads, Advil…each have been used in an attempt to heal my back.  It took two days for the pain to die down enough that I could walk straight most of the time, another day to get myself to 100%.  Finally, I thought that I might call someone.  First call was made to my sister and her fiance.  Her fiance is in school to become a chiropractor.  He gave me a few things to do on my own and suggested that I try to find someone I could go to her in town.  If I ran into problems, he could help me find someone.

Luckily, I found someone at work who goes to a local chiropractor.  Armed with a phone number, I gave them a call.  I got even more lucky that they were able to fit me in this morning.  Waking up this morning, I was looking forward to getting some help.  Arriving at the office, I filled out some paperwork and went through an examination, which included some scanning of my back.  They are going over the results and I have to go back on Wednesday to find out what they found, but I did at least find out some things today.

Just from feeling around my back, one thing they noticed is my stressed shoulders.  It seems cliched that they would find stress there, but I’m not surprised.  I do teach middle schoolers and I’ve never gotten help with stress relief before.  But it was regarding my back that I was really interested in.  The doctor who helped me was able to tell me that she did notice something wrong with my ilium.  She said that it is rotated forward a bit more than it should be, which is causing the pain and the surrounding discomfort.  WOO-HOO!  Something is actually wrong and it isn’t just my imagination.

For those who are sitting there thinking “Trip, where’s the ilium?”, you’ll likely be surprised to hear that everyone could easily find it on a skeleton with a simple description.  The ilium is part of your pelvis, and it is the large curved plate bone that most people would attribute to the hip when looking at a skeleton.  But, just to be nice, here’s a nice visual

See, I said it is one most people would easily recognize.  Now that we know what the problem is, my hope is that it won’t take too long to get it corrected.  It has disrupted some of my routines and is just plain annoying.  I’m looking forward to going in again on Wednesday.


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2 Responses to My Pain Is Discovered

  1. golfgunny says:

    Wow; that kinda stinks. At least it has been identified. Will she be able to effectively treat it?

  2. tripcyclone says:

    I hope so. My sister’s fiance says that it isn’t too hard to fix. I’m looking forward to having the freedom of painless movement back.

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