Caching Carols Part 2

Okay, that didn’t take long.  Here’s my second attempt at a geocaching Christmas Carol.  I’m sure everyone could relate to this one.Silent Night, Holy Night,
All is calm, all is bright,
Interrupted by a crude sound,
Coming from trees on public ground,
What could the noise dare be,
What could the noise dare be.

Silent Curses, Holy Curses,
So relaxing, they can be,
I do choose to invoke thee,
When that cache dare eludes me,
Nano’s are invading my peace,
Nano’s are invading my peace.

Silent Curses, Holy Curses,
Steaming from my open mouth,
Bridges and tanks and artillery,
Each hides nano’s so evily,
Pray the owners lose signal,
Pray the owners lose signal.

Silent Curses, Holy Curses,
Scaring all that surround me,
Beeps and Bleeps and Blurps I say,
Watch as all the muggles run away,
See the officer approach,
See the officer approach.

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