Two More FTF’s

It’s been a busy week at work.  That being said, I was looking forward to this weekend.  I didn’t have any plans for caching Friday, and was going to wait until Saturday and Sunday to cache.  But when I got home at around 5 PM today, I saw two e-mails about new caches.  Looking at their pages, they were yet to be logged.Loading up my GPS and writing down some basic info as notes, I hit the road.  This time, I made sure to grab a coin I needed to drop that I misplaced this week.  My first problem of the night was traffic.  It was heavy near the exit I use, so I had to work my way through the neighborhood that my Belvidere Park cache is in.  On the other side…more traffic.  Making a quick decision, I headed back East to hit a back road into Raymore using Kentucky Ave.  Now, I have a Kansas City atlas that is quite detailed.  Before leaving the neighborhood, I spotted another road further East that put me closer to the caches I was after.  I drove out to Madison Ave and headed South.

The first cache I was going to was Tucked Away, a tupperware container located in Raymore Memorial Park. When I parked, I was about 250 ft away. With flashlight in hand, I walked over. Now, the clue pretty much narrowed down the searching, but after a few minutes, I was still empty handed. Not quite sure if I was misjudging the size, I did a second search. On the third time, I happened to find something I hadn’t noticed before. Yep, it was the spot.

With the cache open, I found a TB, which I exchanged for the coin I was dropping. Next, I saw a Sacagawea dollar in a baggie. Upon closer examination, the baggie was the prize. It contained the dollar, plus a small Christmas notepad kit and a crisp $2 bill. I grabbed the prize and then grabbed the log to sign. At this point, I was hearing noises from a nearby house. Rushing along, I got the lid on and was about to put the cache back when a gentleman and his dog came into view. I quickly stashed it and got everything the way it was. Standing up, I walked around and grabbed my GPSr. Laughing as I walked towards him (he was between me and the car) I said hi and commented how I should be more careful. He looked at me odd and I held up the GPSr and said that I had this $150 GPS device and I accidently left it here an hour prior. He asked what it was and I told him that I use it to track the mileage I walk and the locations I visit. He laughed and said I should be more careful and we went our separate ways. One FTF down.

The second cache was a cache called GEO DEN, located at Raymore City Park, also home to some another active cache called Raymore Rec Park. Geo Den was camoed PVC, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I had to weave through some more neighborhoods because the main street is blocked for construction at the Madison Ave/Lucy Webb intersection. Once in the park, I found a spot to park and walked over to where the cache was. Glancing around as I approached, I quickly figured out what had been done. It was one of the more thought out camo jobs you’ll see, and well done. Grabbing the cache, I opened it to find another crisp $2 bill as the FTF prize. Signing the log, I placed the cache back and went back to my car.

That’s two FTF’s to add to my list, bringing me to 17 if I’m not overlooking something.

35 down, 65 to go


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2 Responses to Two More FTF’s

  1. P.J. says:

    FTF competitive down that way? I don’t think I’ve ever bolted to get one, but it’s not too bad around here in regard to getting them. We got one today that had been there since Dec. 1. 🙂

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