Charlie Brown

Sometimes, caches just stick out in your head. It could be the cache itself, how it was hidden, how many cops you ran into trying to get it…any number of things. As we approach Thanksgiving, and the subsequent Christmas shopping frenzy, I thought I would dredge up a cache I visited after Christmas in Texas last year. It was a Charlie Brown Christmas.

Okay, so stating it’s a Charlie Brown Christmas may seem odd. But that’s the thing…the cache is called Charlie Brown. And it is a cache that got put on my memorable caches bookmark list. Let’s see how that day went.

It was January 2nd, 2008. There was a string of caches not to far from where my family lived that I wanted to go grab. One or two I had grabbed at Thanksgiving with my father. There was a long trail through the woods that had caches strung out along it. Near the parking lot was another set of caches, and some more near another nearby parking lot. On that day, I went to go grab a few, with plans to go down the trail the next day. So I hopped into my dad’s car and left.

Now Charlie Brown happens to be in around the same spot as another cache was at Thanksgiving that I couldn’t get to because of the thick brush and increasing weather. I was surprised to see the new cache pop up since then (actually within several days after I flew home after Thanksgiving), so I decided to grab it. When I got to the site, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Everything pointed towards the theme of Charlie Brown. I knew that the previous cache had been in one of the rather large trees at that spot.

As I rounded a tree, I stopped and laughed. I mean, who wouldn’t when this is what you see:

See, what did I tell you…laughter. This wasn’t expected. Yet it was the highlight of my caches my entire vacation. It was just like the tiny, messed up tree from the Charlie Brown Christmas film. I remember watching that as a kid every year when it came on.

I ended up taking some more pictures. Some were of a Santa TB and a Fairy TB that I had found that day. Others were a bit more artistic…like this one:

Christmas Ball

In the end, I won’t soon forget this cache. It was fun. I might have to make a stop back out again this year to see if anything was changed. The owner originally talked about altering it as the seasons changed, but I don’t see any mention of it in the logs. If I come across another Christmas related TB, I’ll definitely stop to drop it there.

Just a nice Christmas caching story to tell as we all prepare lists of what we want, get chopping done, and prepare for the holidays.


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2 Responses to Charlie Brown

  1. tonka_boy says:

    Memorable caches are the best. We got one this weekend where we both laughed out loud. I try to be clever when I create hides, but some folks are just a little quicker than I am.

    Great story!

  2. golfgunny says:

    The name is perfect! The level of creativity that is often found in this sport/hobby is one of the things that makes it so enjoyable.

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