Holiday Break

Well my holiday break was interesting. I got to travel to Louisville, KY to visit some relatives, which was a lot of fun. And I got to grab some caches while I was there. That, and an interesting, if not painful Friday.I traveled to Kentucky on Wednesday after work.  With a three hour layover in St. Louis, it was a wonderful flight (if you can’t read into the sarcasm in that statement….).  I arrived at about 9:30 local time.  I was too tired to go grab anything that late in the day, so I enjoyed a relaxing evening with my aunt and uncle.

The next morning, I had planned on grabbing some caches, but ended up being a lazy bum instead (sleeping in didn’t help).  So I enjoyed a nice Thanksgiving Buffet at the Captain’s Quarters, a nice restuarant along River Road.  I was definitely full afterwords, as the food was unbelievable.  Besides the aunt and uncle I was staying with, I got to see another aunt and uncle, and their three year old daughter.  Having only spent a few hours with her four months ago, I was surprised that she remembered me.

After the meal, we went back to the house and enjoyed watching football.  I just remember that we all agreed about the games seeming a bit boring this year with the rather obvious differences in the quality of the competing teams.  Some of it was quite drastic.  But, near the end of the evening, my cousin arrived with her almost three year old son, an energetic ball of happiness.  We enjoyed a nice evening before I called it a night.  It was the next day that was not as fun.

On Friday, I went in with my uncle to his dental practice.  I was preparing for stage two of my cosmetic work being done.  That day involved putting temporary teeth in place to help protect my teeth for the next month, when I go in to have Veneers put in.  Imagine getting numbed up (no gas) and having your real teeth filed down a bit, then having stuff put onto your teeth, and being able to hear and feel everything (but not pain).  Yeah, a bit nerve racking.  It came out good in the end though, and it is making me look forward to how it will all look when this is done come Christmas.

On Friday night, I went out to a shopping center and grabbed three caches that were nearby.  That brought me up to 960.  I could have gone after more, but figured that I would save some for my next trip down so I can grab some more quick caches.

On Saturday, I packed up, said my goodbyes, and headed to the airport.  I hopped a plane to St. Louis, then waited for a delayed flight back to KC.  I was oh sooooo happy to land with snow coming down.  YIPPEE!!!  But, despite the snow, I still went out and grabbed six caches in Northern KC before calling it a night and coming home.  On one multi cache, I even found the final without finding the first stage (due to high muggle activity and the estimated placement of the cache).  Accumulating snow got in the way of my desire to cache on Sunday.  We’ll see how this week goes.

966 down, 34 to go…by next Sunday to meet my goal.


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One Response to Holiday Break

  1. golfgunny says:

    Sounds like, despite the dental work, it was a great trip.

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