Battling Coords

Well, my two newest caches published today.  I’m happy with how they came out, but setting them up wasn’t easy.  It seemed that everything kept going wrong.  But I fought through it and it’s done now.First, I placed a cache called Tennis Anyone?.  I felt that it was time for me to place another nano, and this ended up being a good spot for one.  If I went much further away from the parking area, I think this might have become a “nano in the woods”.  I got lucky and was able to be there for FTF, and all I can say is that finding this one at night, in dropping temps, turned this into one worthwhile FTF for both finders.

The other cache is called I Lost My Keys.  As I mentioned before, this design is based on one of TC’s caches.  But the work.  After getting the supplies, I got to work on this one.  I drilled the holes in the ammo can, attached the log, screwed everything into place…and found that the faceplate wouldn’t shut right.  I quickly realized that I had mismeasured the holes before drilling them.  It wasn’t until the next morning that I realized that I had put the faceplate on backwards, but that wouldn’t fix it.

Yesterday, during the day, I charged the battery on the drill.  Once home, I took everything apart and redid the measurements.  Then I redrilled the holes.  One wasn’t easy because it was close enough to the edge of another hole that it kept slipping.  Finally, with the holes in place, I attached the log.  Bingo, it lined up.  Uh-oh, the round head screws prevent the faceplate from going down far enough to engage the lock.  *$%&!

I make a late trip back to Home Depot to pick up the right screws.  I also grab some spraypaint so that I can paint the nano.  Mind you, at that point, I had intended to be out placing the caches.   Already submitted online, they were to publish this morning.  So I worked quickly and finally was able to get it working properly.  GREAT!

Grabbing the cache, I loaded the final coordinates into my GPSr and headed out.  A quick drive later, I was grabbing the ammo can and a flashlight.  I walked out to the cache site, testing my GPSr to see how accurate my coordinates were.  When I arrived…it said I was over 100 feet off.  HUH?!?  That couldn’t be right.  I checked again.  Over 100 feet.  Then, as I checked the lock, I realized I left the Geocaching sticker I was going to put on it in the car.  Drudging back, I grab it and quickly walk back.  Yep, still over 100 feet.  I grab some more coordinates, being careful to let the accuracy improve before doing so.  I then head back to the car to grab the nano.   I quickly get to it’s location and place it.  Rushing back to the car, I hope in and get the car (and the heat) started.  I went to the movies and did some quick Christmas shopping and went home.

Now, I had prepared the key chains Thursday.  The idea is that the cache coordinates take you to the parking location, while the keychains will have the final location and the key to unlock the cache.  I had printed out some information and glued everything into the photo keychains to seal them.  So when I got home, I was frustrated to realize that I now had superglue sealed keychains that needed to be opened and have the inserts changed out.  I opened one and CRACK!  *#&%!  I called it a night and went to bed frustrated.

So the next day, I head back to the site to retest the new coordinates.  This time they are about 20-25 feet off.  Much better.  I’m not sure I could do much better with the low accuracy readings in this location.  I grab some more coordinates and check the nano.  Ten feet was the worst reading.  Good.  I took some more readings (it didn’t change anything in the end).  Time to head out.  I needed to find another hiding spot and had various things to get done.

Later, on my way home, I stopped at around five different stores trying to find the keychains I needed, including two Wal-marts (where I know they have them).  While I found some, I didn’t get enough.  It wasn’t until I got to my third Wal-mart (sixth store) that I got everything.  So I went home, an hour before the holiday event cache where I would release the keys, and got to work.  Working fast, I prepared the new inserts, cut them out, and began the process of sealing them inside the keychains.  I was on my third one when I realized that two of the five keychains I bought had a solid black back instead of a clear back like the others.  I couldn’t do double-sided inserts!!!  I carefully opened one of the used keychains, and got it open without damage.  YES!!!  I got four keychains ready to release and grabbed my things to head to the party.

I arrived 45 minutes late, but as soon as someone said my name, multiple people asked about the keys.  They were gone within 10 seconds.  LOL!  I had fun at the party, and got a Lock-n-Lock from the gift exchange.  After some food and socializing, I offered to join some people going after my cache at that moment so that I could see how the coordinates do in their systems.

It was fun joining them, even if it was freezing out.  Eventually, they found both, including the FTF on my nano.  I laughed as we began the hike to the lock box as the FTF finders on that one were walking back to their car on another path…yet we found that they skipped the nano.  The coordinates weren’t bad, as they quickly found the lockbox.  The nano seemed to be good too, and it was amusing to watch them struggle as they searched this one out.  In freezing weather at night, this one took them almost 30 minutes.

So, it was a frustrating start for my lockbox, but both caches are now good to go.  I’m looking forward to seeing how they do.  Now to find a spot for another cache before my flight tomorrow.


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4 Responses to Battling Coords

  1. tonka_boy says:

    Quite an adventure. You should photos if you have any.

  2. BillnPegz says:

    Do you have a picture of what you created? Would love to see it.

  3. tripcyclone says:

    I didn’t take one. I might when I get back to show the design. However, if you check out the cache page, there is a nice photo of Hockabee unlocking the cache.

  4. P.J. says:

    I really am going to look into that whole key-type cache. Way too cool.

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