Some more Kentucky caches

I am back out in Louisville, Kentucky.  At this moment, I am finally done with round 3 (the final round) of dental surgery.  It seems odd, especially when you consider that it was primarily cosmetic work, but if you could see the difference between what my teeth and smile used to look like compared to now, you’d understand why it was done.  But, not to be lazy, I went out and found four caches after the surgery.  Am I geo-addicted?  You decide.

I have relatives here in Louisville.  Two sets of aunts and uncles.  One of my uncles is the one who did the surgery.  Afterwards, I made my way from the office to visit my other aunt and uncle, and their daughter.  On my way, I grabbed Doug’s Leaky Basement. This was a quick 35mm cache next to an old and deteriorating structure.  After making it back to the car, I then proceeded to their house.  After spending some time talking and watching their three year old run around, I made my way back to the office to get some impressions of my final teeth made.  I made two stops along the way.

The first stop was for Henry’s Rock Garden.  A basic, yet large pill bottle cache, it was not a spectacular hide, but definitely in a unique spot. A large wall of large rocks in the side of a small hill helping create an alcove for a large electrical box.

Next, I made a stop for Kermit’s Cousins, then Ninguna Pesca. Kermit had not been visited in almost two months and thanks to the weather, it was a bit iced over. After extracting it, I found 2 coins and 2 TB’s inside. I decided to take all four to help them move after being trapped. I found one hadn’t been logged in about seven months. Then, I went to Ninguna, which wasn’t too far away on this interesting hiking trail through a business district. This was a small nano cache hidden in a spot where it wasn’t visible as I approached.

I could have likely found a few more, as the office was busy with patients when I made it back. But, grabbing four caches is still better than none. I am now loaded up with TB’s and coins that I am moving around. Some will be dropped in Dallas over the next 10 days, and others will move back to Kansas City with me. Millieballoon, a cache in the Netherlands, sent her new Moose Forest Geocoin to me along with her TB for my race. Asked to release it in the US, I decided that it deserved a nice trip before I release it back home in Missouri. It’s a cool coin and I will try to get a picture of it to post.

Tomorrow, I hope a flight to Dallas where I will spend the holiday’s with my family. Think I might try to get some photos of a few items as I fly there. I have a coin I picked up today that likes to fly, and a Superman TB. A couple of photos mid-flight should do it. Then on to caching in Dallas.


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3 Responses to Some more Kentucky caches

  1. sumajman says:

    We are confirmed geo-addicts. I did something similar last weekend in Guatemala climbing Del Fuego volcano for a DNF soon after shoulder surgery. The draw of the caches…

  2. P.J. says:

    Well, I don’t think you needed to do what you did to be a geo-addict. I think when we have blogs, that certifies it, too. What surgery did you have on the old teeth? I’ve contemplated some “cosmetic” work and was curious.

  3. tripcyclone says:

    Let’s see…

    July – Electrosurgery to cut away some of my gums so my gumline is at a normal level

    November – Trimming my teeth and putting in temporary teeth to protect my real ones until December

    December – Porcelain Veneers to help cover up the staining and mottling I developed from meds and too high a fluoride treatment as a kid, plus to help remove some gaps from between my teeth.

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