I’ve reached three goals this year. One was to make it to 1000 caches by the end of the year. Two was to complete the Delorme Challenge for Nebraska. Three was to complete the County Challenge for Nebraska. When I hit 1000 caches, I set a fourth goal that I in front of myself and that was to get 730 caches for 2008. That would set my caching rate at 2.0 for the year. After the caches that I hit today (so far), I’m at 700 caches for 2008. 30 to go. But I’ve been thinking. I’ve hit 1000 caches and gained a lot of experience, both in finding caches and in hiding some. A lot of stories have been told, and I’m sure that will never end. But what else can I talk about?

A few of you may remember that I gave a talk about Cachemate, the software for paperless caching, and a brief article on waypoint projection using an eTrex Legend. Some of the feedback I got from those made me think that I might want to do a bit more about the in’s and out’s of caching, and not only about my experiences.

Currently, my GPS has some caches in it that have been archived. So when I got home today, I looked up a few of them I suspected and some DNF’s I hit today. Deciding where to go next, I came across a cache that I will go after tonight. It also provides me with a good example for starting these “helpful” topics that I’d like to try and provide.

Most cachers become familiar with your traditional hides, and multi’s are often basic enough for most people. But then there are hides that not everyone is familiar with, or that they don’t always get to go after. One of them is night caches. I know that the first time I heard the term, I just thought it meant going after a cache at night.

So my first topic will be night caches.

Oh, and somewhere on this site I mentioned that if you have questions or topic suggestions, to post them.  That still stands.


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2 Responses to Insight?

  1. golfgunny says:

    I’m anxious to read your take on night caches. There’s only one here where I live, and I’ve not gone after it yet.

    Happy New Year!

  2. P.J. says:

    Hitting goals is pretty cool. I haven’t really set any yet for geocaching, rather just kind of going with the flow.

    Hope you are plotting a big post for the day the race starts. I didn’t get a chance to send it out before leaving, so I am sending mine Friday and hoping you get it by the deadline. You should, but I’ll still cross my fingers!

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