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Since Mr. Skully asked, I thought I would share for others who might have wondered.  The photo that makes up the banner for my blog is actually taken in Wyoming, not Colorado.  It was taken at a spot called the Togwotee Outlook, found on HWY 286/26 in Western Wyoming.  The rough location is N 43 49.28  W 110 11.64.  The mountains in the background are the Grand Teton Mountains, part of Grand Teton National Park.  I can at least identify two peaks for you.  On the left side, among the set of pointed peaks, Grand Teton itself is the tallest of the peaks (roughly under the first E in the word Adventures in the title).  Then, if you go right to the center of the image, the flat-topped peak is Mt. Moran.  While the digitalized look reflects the reduced image size, the full size image shows some great detail.

For news, the race is about to begin.  I’m preparing the last of the TB’s before I go out to place the cache.


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One Response to The Blog Banner

  1. P.J. says:

    Always wanted to head out to Wyoming for photography reasons. Such an amazing place it seems.

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