A Big Weekend

Well, it’s been a bit since I’ve reported about how my caching is going, so how about an update. First, my posts have dropped a bit as I’ve been a bit more busy at work.  Plus, I’ve been spending time hiding my A Lesson In Ciphers series.  I’m up to seven so far, with some more planned soon, including a Final Exam one that should be fun.  But, I made up for that this weekend with some heavy caching, and getting someone else hooked into the sport.About a week ago, the forums for this area had a post about getting a small group together to hit the downtown area.  JadeFalcon had posted the message.  I quickly responded, as I’m always up for some group caching.  We had another group, Woodland Clan, ready to join.  However, they had to back out as they had a sudden change in plans.  It ended with just me and JadeFalcon.

This past Sunday morning, I met up with Jade at the Isles of Capri Casino on the Missouri River.  We had figured out that we would head South from there.  He started by helping me grab some that he already had in the area.  By the time we hit downtown, we started to get some DNF’s.  After two, including one he had found before but couldn’t remember how it was hidden, we started picking up again.

We moved pretty quickly, heading West to get a few by an Event Center, then back over to the Power & Light District.  Moving from there, we rapidly made our way over to our next DNF, where we had a security guard come out and ask why we were in the bushes.  Not missing a beat, I responded “I seem to have lost my phone when we came by earlier.”


“We were here earlier trying to get a geocache and I made a phone call for help.  I set my phone down to look and forgot to pick it up before we left.  Now I don’t know where it is and I think the battery is dead because it isn’t ringing when he calls.”

“Why is it in the bushes?”

“We were looking for a geocache, something hidden in this area.  We never found it.”

“Oh.”  At this point, he just continued to stare at us as I walked over to where my GPS and sunglasses were and grabbed them.

“Well, I can’t find it Jade.  Let’s leave it and hope somebody else finds it.”  Turning to the security, who oddly enough, never offered to help find the phone, I added “Well, sorry for the disturbance, I guess I lost phone.  Great!”  And we left.

I was praying the whole time that my phone wouldn’t go off in my pocket.  God forbid what I would have done if he did come down to help.  Quickly turn off the ringer and throw it in the bushes without him noticing?

But after that, we moved on and starting finding things again.  Jade came across a possible drug deal going down as he went around to another side of a fence we were looking for a cache at (I just hopped over).  Jade had some good finds, but missed a few obvious ones that I got.  And I helped him with two before we moved down to Penn Valley Park.

Penn Valley Park is a large park just South of Crown Center and Union Station.  It has the only WWI museum in the entire country, and also has a well known homeless camp on the South side…about 30 feet from a cache.  Thankfully, nobody was home at the time, but there were some clothes sitting around.

After the park, we begin moving through caches that I had but Jade didn’t have.  Time for me to help him out.  By the time we headed back to the casino at around sundown, we both had right around 30 caches.  Not bad, and we cleared out most of downtown KC.  Then, he took me to three more out by the casino, boosting me to 34 I believe.  We parted ways after that.

But I wasn’t done.  I moved on and grabbed four more, including three virtuals, that were nearby.  This helped me make a new record of 38 caches in one day.  I could have gone after more, but I was getting tired and ready to go home.  It was a good day of caching.

Yet, there is more for the weekend.  Yesterday, I got a call from a coworker.  He and his dad had bought some GPSr’s and wanted some help with getting familiar with them.  Then, he asked about going out geocaching.  I was more than willing to help show him about it (he had a small amount of experience from a conference he went to), even more so when he wanted to go out then.  About thirty minutes later, he was picking me up and we were heading to nearby Longview Lake to grab three caches.

Now, this guy likes to hunt and fish, so he’s more than used to the outdoors.  Well, we parked and hiked half a mile to the site…only to find it was muggled.  Nothing remained, and it was pretty obvious where the location was.  So, with my geocaching bag coming off my back, I prepared a replacement and reset the cache.  And a new geocacher was born…Razor Sharp (don’t ask because I can’t explain it as good as he does).  He had his first cache and was already hooked.

On the way back, we realized that this spot had a great view of the lake, with the added bonus of two bald eagles flying overhead.  Once back at the truck, we moved on to the next two, which he was just as ecstatic to find.  Especially one that he has walked by countless times and never knew it was there.  In all, he started with three caches, and I boosted myself to 41 for the three day weekend.

I am now 8 caches away from 1100, with an event coming up this Saturday.  I’ve been a bit slow this year, but I’m picking up as the weather improves and I finish up my series.  Heck, I need to keep up with 8601, who seems to have gotten ahead of me and is ready to move even further this week.  I can’t let that happen.


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