A New Geocoin

It’s always nice to get a new geocoin.  If you are purchasing coins in the Kansas City area, or at events in the Kansas City area, chances are you might be buying one from Larry739.  Of course, sometimes, you might find one he’s left behind.  Today, I got a new one.

My first coin was purchased from him at the KC Picnic back in August of 2008.  Then I purchased two Kansas Sunshine coins back around the time I held the WWFM IV event.  He has an amazing collection that he carries to events to sell, helping to fuel purchases of coins that he can then sell to others or use as donations/prizes.

On one occasion, I had contacted him about having problems finding one of his caches.  He then stopped at that cache the next morning before I made it out there and left a coin for me as a gift for holding the WWFM event.  That was the second free coin I got from him.  The first was a Kansas Sunshine coin he left in one of my caches after finding it.  I waited 24 hours before grabbing that one.

Then, last Sunday, he found my # 6 cipher.  I mentioned leaving an unactivated geocoin.  I thought “YES!” but decided to wait and see if someone else would find it.  Six days later (today) I finally decided to go grab it since I had seen no mention from anyone else of getting it.  So I went out.

I told myself that if it was one of the ones I already had, then it would go towards the prize pool of my race.  However, if it was one of the new 2009 versions that I saw on the Mogeo forums, then I would keep it for myself.  When I arrived at the site, it was getting dark.  I quickly made my way to the cache and grabbed it.  Opening it up, I was elated that it was the new one…adding a new coin to my collection.

Here is a shot of all three.  The red one is the 2009 version, while the other two are 2008:

Kansas Sunshine Coins

Now, this one puts me at eight coins in my possession. But I’m not done, not even close. I already have another coin shipping to me that I bought on eBay, adding another Nebraskache coin to my collection.  That will give me 2006, 2007, & 2008.  JLondon currently is holding onto a coin I ordered that is based on Copernicus.  She helped me order that one as you need to be a geocoin club member to order it.  Then, I this weekend, I plan on getting a coin from JadeFalcon.  That will set me at 11 coins.

Does that mean I’m now addicted to geocoins?  I don’t have the money to be as addicted as some, but we all start somewhere.


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One Response to A New Geocoin

  1. P.J. says:

    Careful. Coins can become VERY addictive! (so can pathtags!)

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