My 1100th find.

This last Saturday, I reached 1100 finds.  It doesn’t seem like much after hitting 1000, but it’s a step closer to 2000.  All of my finds that day were in the Lee’s Summit area, along with placing # 8 and # 9 for my cipher series.  Oh, and finding one unique cache container.

For my 1100th find, I ended up choosing Happy Tails Cache. Located near a dog park at the Northwest corner of the James A Reed Wildlife Area. The cache wasn’t too hard to find, but I had to avoid some muggles coming to the park with their pets. I laughed as I saw this small young lady pull a giant dog out of the back of her car, and the thought of her trying to restrain this dog.

img_4057a-333-x-500Once I arrived at the site, I found an easy to located behind a tree and under a pile of brush.  The photo to the right is what I saw when I arrived.  I was happy to hit 1100 finds, but had hoped for a slightly harder hide.  Not a problem though, as I quickly unburied it and opened it up.  Grabbing the log out, I quickly scanned for any trackables.  Nothing.  Oh well.  I signed the log and put it back, closing everything back up.  I tried my best to rehide it before climbing out of woods and heading back to the car.

On the way back, I happened to run into two people walking their dog.  After about a minute, I noticed a GPSr in their hands, alongside the camera around one’s neck.  I laughed and asked how their day was.  Confused, they turned to look back and quickly discovered the GPSr in my hands.  We started to talk and I met Nemo Crownie, a couple from Kearney, MO who happened to be in the area themselves. They had to cut it short due to an injured foot and didn’t find the cache. However, we chatted for just a bit, with me walking away with the name of a cache to hit in Liberty the next day before the event we all would be at. I then moved on.

My next cache was interesting as well. It was called ER, and I first tried it before Happy Tails Cache. However, when I first approached, I seemed to get a reading right in the middle of the highway. It wasn’t until I started to leave that spot that I realized where it was. On my way back from Happy Tails Cache, I pulled off to go after ER. When I arrived, I guessed what I would be looking for, but ended up being wrong. Logs indicated a cache thief, and when I ran into Caching Crew’s Folks the next day, I got more of the story. The container I found was…well it’s just easier to show you:

I hadn’t expected to find the glove, which was funny. As I thought about it, I realized it was actually quite appropriate for a cache called ER to have a surgical glove as a cache container. What I didn’t notice until I ran into the owners the next day was that the log had been in the middle finger. Quite possibly a result of the previous thief having stolen the container a few times (yes, a few times from what I understand) and doing that as a joke.

From what the owners tell me, the container has been replaced once again, though for how long it stays that way is unknown. I finished up with two more caches before I headed home with 10 finds and 2 hides. I did better then next day with another 29 finds, including an Earthcache and an event. It was a good weekend.


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One Response to My 1100th find.

  1. golfgunny says:

    That’s quite a container. Shame about the cache thief. Congratulations on the milestone.

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