Preparing for Spring Break

Would planning a geocaching trip during Spring Break be considered addictive? If you’re hand is in the air, then welcome to the club.

Right now, I am in the middle of planning a trip with JadeFalcon, and unfortunately embarrassing for me, another geocacher whose handle I have forgotten.  Taking place in one week, we will travel up to the Omaha area and cache our butts off over Saturday and Sunday before returning home.  Our goal is to clear off as much as possible, yet have fun at the same time.  Our area of focus is Bellevue, NE.

We are aiming for Bellevue because it is an area that is well stocked with geocaches.  The plan is to try and avoid higher D/T combos unless there is a specific goal that can be achieved.  Like I have one on my list that will help my fill out more D/T combo’s for my ongoing Fizzy Challenge goal.  Plus, the three of us have been working on getting some of the area puzzles solved so that we can add to our list of caches.  I think we have about eight or nine solved so far.

Planning for this also involves a vehicle and lodging.  Thanks to Jade’s heavy need to travel for work, we are getting lodging at no cost.  For vehicles, it looks like my car will be the likely choice due to gas mileage and more open parking preferences.  Gas is obviously shared.

So, when do we leave?  Using a term from Jade that I happen to like, we are leaving at o’dark thirty.  We might make a quick stop in Plattsmouth to grab some caches and attend the regular Moose breakfast event (and I should have a golden ammo can awaiting me there).  Then, it’s caching until late in the evening.  A quick stop overnight in Council Bluffs and we are back on for the morning.

It’s going to be a weekend of fun and high numbers.  It sure beats sitting around for my four day Spring Break weekend.


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1 Response to Preparing for Spring Break

  1. golfgunny says:

    Well, planning a trip just to go Geocaching doesn’t sound odd to me. In fact, my wife is pleased with this fascination of mine, because she knows that she can plan trips to wherever she wants to go, as long as there’s caches there!

    Sounds like you a fun time ahead.

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