A Late Night FTF

Sitting here, getting some things in order before my trip tomorrow, I happened to look in my e-mail and saw a new cache has been published.  Not just a new cache, but a multi-cache.  Several have been in the KC area lately, but I usually skip the FTF rush after a certain distance unless I’m in the mood.  This time, it was less than 2 miles away and the e-mail came through only nine minutes earlier.  IT WAS ON!!!Quickly changing into my remaining pair of jeans (the others were in the wash), I loaded my GPSr, checked the map and hit the road, flashlight in hand.  Quickly navigating my way to the cache site, I parked near some soccer fields.  This was a new fitness center that I hadn’t even known was here.  Why go when I can get it free at my apartment complex?  I made sure the cache was pulled up and locked my car.

Walking over to GZ, I quickly figured out the rough area to look ing.  I began my search, waiting for the nearby muggles to pass by before turning on my flashlight.  After a few misses, I finally found it, nestled in a good hiding spot.  I got my GPSr ready and entered the coordinates for stage two and rehid the container.

Quickly, I moved on, passing by those same muggles again.  Once at the final location, I started looking around, trying to figure out where the hide was at.  There wasn’t a lot of good spots.  Spotting something, I manuevered around to check it out, looking in spots as I went.  I kind of had an inkling of what this might be, and when I moved to the spot I had noticed, I reached out and discovered I was right.  Right out in the open, it blended in well enough that only a cacher would notice it.

I signed the log, dropped in a dime in exchange for a lizard, then resealed and rehid the cache.  I got the FTF only 35 minutes after it posted, and 26 minutes after I first knew about it.  That might be my fastest FTF ever.

And High Blue Wellness Cache became my 18th FTF.


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2 Responses to A Late Night FTF

  1. I’ve tried 3 times no for a FTF, no luck 😦

  2. P.J. says:

    Damn, looks like you got this one before it was even published. 😉

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