Tomorrow, at roughly O-Dark-Thirty, I will be leaving my place to go pick up Rainbow and JadeFalcon, before we leave KC for Omaha. Our goal – to get as many caches as we can this weekend. Our base of operations – Council Bluffs. Our GPSr of choice – a Delorme PN-40. Our definition of O-Dark-Thirty, about 3:30 AM.

We have been planning this for a while now.  It’s our chance to get together and hit an area that none of us has really explored, even if some of us are a bit familiar with the area.  It will be a fun trip, and if we are doing good, we should be able to get over 100 caches without too much difficulty.  We have plenty of time to do it in before we need to head home.  If only Jade and Rainbow had Monday off like I do, we could make a serious dent in Omaha.

First up, we grab some caches along the way, including a stop in Oregan, MO to grab some caches there.  Once back on the road, our first major stop is in Plattsmouth.  We are going to make a stop there to meet up with my buddy 8601, and have a quick breakfast at the regular event cache Breakfast at the Moose.  Then we will grab some area caches before taking HWY 75 North into Bellevue.

Once in Bellevue, we hope to systematically wipe out caches, with Jade’s Nuvi helping guide us from cache to cache.  Preferablly avoiding anything more than close 2-stage multi’s and difficult terrain, we still have plenty to work with.  This includes the 30+ puzzle caches in the Omaha area that we have solved, most of which were solved last Saturday, and a few on Sunday.  We also have one Earthcache we want to hit, and maybe grab a second one while we are at it.

Once done for the day, we’ll drop off 8601 at home and grab a few more before getting some rest at a hotel in Council Bluffs.  Then, at the crack of dawn, we should be ready to go for another wave of attacks on the Omaha caches.  With luck, we will leave the area around 4 – 5 PM on Sunday with our GPSr’s a bit more empty, picking up any straggling caches on the way back to KC.

It should be a fun weekend.  Now, if I can just wrap my head around one more puzzle and get some good rest tonight.

And what better way to start this weekend Spring Break I have with grabbing four more caches earlier today before I restocked on some ammo cans.  Yep, it is lining up to be my best month of caching ever, and the month is barely half over.


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