A Bad Cache or Bad Cache Owner?

As my friends have learned, I am sometimes more than willing to point things out for others. This weekend, while caching in Omaha, I ran across a cache that had a serious need of maintenance. I posted a Needs Maintenance log on it. The response was it being archived quite rudely by the owner. I decided to not respond and just leave it at that.  But not now.  Not after that cache owner has now taken to posting notes on my blog.

The cache is GCPE2F – Saddle Creek High Traffic Urban Micro. It was placed on 6/23/2005. The cacher who placed it had three finds and three hides. That’s it. Of the three hides, only the above cache remained.

Rainbow Cache mentioned that this was one he had already, and that it wouldn’t be too bad.  We all got out of our cars and went after this one.  Within only a few minutes, I got into the right position and spotted something out of place.  TC grabbed it and it was the cache.  However, the cache was rusted shut.  After finally getting it open, we found the inside was rusted over too thanks to a hole in the side of the container.  The log sheet was crisp and had rust stains on it as well.  We signed the log and put it back.

Then, yesterday, I went to log it.  As I logged finds, I checked at previous finds to help remember the hide.  This one quickly came to mind as I read previous entries about it being rusted and needed replacement.  One person couldn’t even open it.  Going back a bit further, I found a curious set of logs last summer, including an disable and enable.  Looking closely, I found that a cacher had posted that not only was this rusted down, but that the owner hadn’t been on in two years, so it may need to be archived.  The disable listing occurred that same day by the local reviewer.

Now, there are mentions of it being rusty by multiple people before this occurred, as far back as May of 2007.  Then, a day after it was disabled, the owner enabled it.  Then, the owner started complaining about how the last person who complained hasn’t been to the site and that the cache is in FINE CONDITION and a damaged log isn’t bad.  I’ll stop here and let you be the judge:


Yeah…that looks like it is in perfect condition for a cache. Then the cache owner started talking about how it was rude to say the owner wasn’t interested (3 finds and last logged in two years earlier), they should have sent a message to the owner (wait…that happens every time there is a log!).  Then, they ended it by telling that cacher to back off and “leave the people who take the time to create and leave caches alone.”

Well, it turned into a back and forth as that cacher then responded back, easily pointing out the flaws in the owners logic.   More people reported the rust over and over again but nothing was done.  Then I posted a needs maintenance.  I stated that the excessive amount of rust and sharp edges makes this a safety issue, pointing out that the owner has refused to maintain it.  I then put out a request for someone to replace the container with something else to help keep this cache alive.  It was promptly archived within a few hours with this comment:

“Archiving this because of the amount of ridiculous complaints from spoiled and whiny nerds that expect geocaching to be safe and friendly and sanitized. You punks.”

Well, it seems that this person isn’t happy at all of us spoiled and whiny nerds disrupting their geocaching (again I point out 3 finds, 3 hides, hasn’t been active since 2006).  They have now posted a message on my blog on the “Sign a Geoblog” page.  Of course, they apparently thought that they were being smart by using the false name of “Mr. X”, but how hard it is to figure out who left this:

“Trip – You’re a puss. I hope you don’t cut your poor thumb on a cache. Poor baby.”

Example of a bad cache:  not exactly.  It was in a good location and nicely hidden.  It just needed some maintenance.

Example of a bad cache owner: DEFINITELY.  If you have people posting about it being rusty for two years, then it probably is rusty.  Some even stated that they couldn’t even pry it open.  Take some time and go replace it.  But to then go and start being nasty to people because they are saying it needs to be maintained puts the person into the next level of angry cache owner.  Maybe it’s a good thing that this person isn’t in the sport anymore.


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9 Responses to A Bad Cache or Bad Cache Owner?

  1. What a jerk! I have run into my fair share of drama queens already, and I’ve only been caching since December. I would have take a pic and posted it on the page.

  2. tripcyclone says:

    Added a picture of the cache that was posted on the cache page.

  3. jadefalcon says:

    Considering this is his last cache to be archived, hopefully he leaves the sport for good. Would rather see that than someone being a poor sport about the condition of the cache and taking it out on everyone.

  4. Whoa that is worse than I was thinking!!

  5. P.J. says:

    Well, that is rather interesting. I’m speechless, to be honest.

  6. golfgunny says:

    Sounds like the CO got a little hurt over the fact that hiding a cache requires that you actually maintain it. Perhaps they should read those guidelines on the GC website again, or just hang it up and leave it to those that can handle it.

    Well said, TC; glad you got it archived (SOME sort of action was required). Now an actual Geocacher can hide a cache there.

  7. Stormy_zen says:

    Lame. Him, not you.

    It’s definitely a safety issue and I’m glad you highlighted it.

  8. RaiulBaztepo says:

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  9. Turtlehen says:

    Very interesting !! I haven’t run into anyone quite like this and any time I mention a cache that needs maintenance the cache owner is grateful for letting them know..stuff happens..a branch falls or someone doesn’t close it properly..This person wanted to just set it and forget it..silly..half the fun would be in seeing who had found it.

    I too am glad this person is out of the hiding business !!

    Oh..and BTW…very cool site..thanks

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