Well, I’ve been a bit lax with posting updates on here lately. For instance, I’ve set two new records this month alone (maybe three with that super fast FTF I got). I now have a new high for number of finds in one day and one month. I’m not sure about one week yet. However, the month isn’t over. Tomorrow, I head back out East again, this time with MOGA as a goal. MOGA is a geocaching competition that I signed up for in East Central Missouri. I’ll be teaming up with my good buddy 8601, alongside JLondon_1963 and Master Cacher to form Team Nebraskache. I know, I live in Missouri now, but all of them are from Nebraska so they rule me out.

I’ll be back after the weekend to provide an update on how the event went, so hold tight and we’ll get back to posting.


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One Response to MOGA! MOGA! MOGA!

  1. P.J. says:

    Please make it a detailed post. I’ll be interested to hear more about the event, how it was and how it went!

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