Cache Stats Update

For those who have been following my blog for a while, you may remember I did a three part feature on a program called Cache Stats last summer. For those who didn’t read about them, and you’d like my review of the different features, then just pop into the Software category you see to the right and you’ll see the posts. So why bring this up again? Logicweave, the small software company (okay, a single person) that built the program has released an update.

As with all updates, some changes were made to the software.  We’ll start with the most notable difference when you first load up Cache Stats…geocaching blogs.  Cache Stats has now incorporated a “Geocaching News and Blogs” tab.  This tab will keep you up-to-date with recently posted news and blogs from various sites.  An options menu lets you choose from a selection of different blogs (wait…where’s mine?), with an additional option to have it retrieve news each time you open the program. I sometimes don’t get to keep up with everything, so this is a nice way to quickly catch up on some fellow geocaching bloggers.

While this is a nice feature, but I have also noticed a downside.  There is not an option to control how much news it stores in the program.  After selecting some blogs, it retrieved entries dating back to September of 2008!  Having the option to control how far back it stores news might be a nice feature to include.  For example, only pulling down news from the last 30 days.  Another possible option would include a way to limit what is displayed.  Right now, it seems to vary what it shows.  Sometimes, you’ll get the whole blog post, with photos.  Other times, just the photo with a “Read More” link.  Sometimes, it includes a summary with the “Read More” link.

An option to control what we see, whether the full post, a summary, or just the titles, would be nice.

Next, you might be wondering where the stats are?  Well, look at the top of the screen and you’ll see that we now have a set of tabs.  Click on “Statistics” and you’ll see the familiar Cache Stats screen:


A few changes have occurred to this screen.  First, you’ll notice that the “Show All” and “Set FTFs” buttons are missing from the upper right.  The two buttons have been reorganized into the “Caches” tab at the top of the screen.  Next, Logicweave has included also included an “Average per year” stat in the “Cache Finds” section (the first section).

The last update I noticed was in the selection of tabs in the middle of the screen.  Previously, it was Yearly Data, Milestones, Locations, Size/Type, & D/T.  Now, Logicweave has added a D/T Grid.  This was something I hoped they would include.  In fact, I had even e-mailed the owner with this suggestion (of which I’m sure I’m not the only person who has suggested this).  The D/T Grid may seem simple compared to what you’ll find on It’s Not About The Numbers, but the addition is a big help.  Now, I can quickly see what D/T combo’s I still need without having to load up that site and click through a bunch of options.  Definitely an update I was happy to see.

The last tab, which I already mentioned contains the previous “Show All” and “Set FTFs” buttons, has also seen a remake.  Now, instead of just being a list of all your finds and the accompanying logs you wrote for them, you have options for how to search through them.    Take a look:


The fun part is all the different options on this new screen. First is the option to group your finds. In the above image, you’ll notice that I chose to group them by cache owner. This is a BIG help for anyone wanting to do an Alphabet or Alphanumerical Challenge related to cache owner like this one, located in Council Bluffs, IO.  Options for how to group the caches range from expected groupings like location (state), difficulty and/or terrain, owner, date found, and cache type to some unexpected groups like day of the week found, date placed, what month you found it in and even what it’s current status is.  Lots of different options that are interesting to look at.

Next, you have a search bar that allows you to search all of your finds based on what you wrote in the logs, their name, or their description.  Coupled with the grouping options, you can get some very interesting stats.  For example, when I searched my FTF’s I found that the highest number of FTF’s I have made based on cache owner was three FTF’s for caches by Elmer’s Mayor and Bunch.

Last is an option for what you see.  With this option, you can choose to display everything, FTF’s only, caches with multiple finds, and caches that you previously DNF’ed on (provided you logged the DNF).  Plus, when you select individual caches, the information you see is more than just the log.  Now, you can link to the cache, cache owner, and a Google map showing where it is.

That pretty much covers all the updates that are most obvious.  Smaller updates that I haven’t seen include updates to how to load new GPX files and what gets seen when you do that (you can now load the ZIP file you get from a PQ instead of extracting and loading the GPX file), and updates to how the HTML is displayed when you export to HTML.   Overall, I’m impressed and happy with the updates, as it further fuels interesting stats.  Now to figure out what will be included next.

Oh, go to the Cache Stats link to the right to get to the website and download the new version.


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1 Response to Cache Stats Update

  1. golfgunny says:

    I like my old version; change frightens me sometimes!

    It certainly has some neat new features.

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