Setting Goals

Okay, okay, okay.  I know I’ve been gone for a bit.  I haven’t dropped off the radar.  I’ve just been a bit busy.  Let’s see if I can right that a bit and run my mouth a little bit for you. 

I’ve had some goals in geocaching that I’ve met already.  Finishing the Nebraska Delorme and County Challenges last summer.  Making it to 1000 before the end of 2008.  But with the completion of each of those goals, a new one takes it’s place.   So what’s going on in the world of TripCyclone’s goals?

First of all is the goal of 2000.  It takes a lot of work to make it to 100.  When you first join geocaching that can seem like the toughest mountain at first.  You can’t believe that anyone else has found that many.  But then you find your 100th cache.  By that point, you usually know whether you’re hooked or not.  Now you need to make it to 1000 and when you do, a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.  It’s often the first goal where you start to get recognition from other cachers.

Next, you set your sights on 2000, then 3000, and by the time you are aiming for 4000, you’re so far along that some may see you as a geocaching god.  Okay, maybe that’s exagerrated a bit, but you do have a level of respect by that point.  For me, I’m working for 2000.  But, I have an added aspect to the goal.  I want to make it there by New Year’s Eve of 2009.   So how am I doing?

I started the year at 1036.  While I’m still awaiting some caches to be published so I can log them, I’m currently sitting at 1444 (1480 after I finish getting everything from last weekend logged).  At the rate I’m going, CacheStats has me hitting 2000 around the beginning of November.  Definitely within the bounds of my goal.  With a side goal of averaging 100 finds a month, it’s definitely possible.

So what else is on my goal sheet?  In March, I began looking at the Missouri Delorme and County Challenges a little more seriously.  There are 115 counties and 57 Delorme pages.   I have already finished 41 counties and 24 Delorme pages.   While it would be great to finish it this year, just finishing it is a goal.

Is that it?  I have an ongoing goal of getting all 81 Difficulty/Terrain combinations and I’m currently sitting at 48.  I have 49 but one combo has only been completed with “Liar Caches”, which usually don’t count because they aren’t consider a true D/T rating.  But now I’ve added one more goal to my list.

Many people aim for high number days.  We all love being able to come home and say we found 50 or 60 caches in one day.  My best is 63.  But this number provides me with a different sort of high number goal that is harder to do.  My goal is to streak.

Wait, don’t run away.  My clothes will stay on.  I’m talking about a different kind of streak.  In geocaching, a streak is usually defined as how many days in a row you have found a cache.  My best is 12 days in a row and that was centered around my Thanksgiving vacation in 2007.  I actually hit a 12 day streak across TWO states (Nebraska and Texas).  This summer, I want to go for longer.  In fact, I am aiming for finding one cache a day for every day of my summer vacation.  Now, I’m going to define my summer vacation as the time between the final day for students of this year and the first day of students next year.  For all of you that are wondering about dates, that is from 5/23/09 to 8/18/09.   If completed, that will give me a streak of 87 days.

Of course, to make my goal of 2000 by the end of 2009, I will have to be careful during that time span.  If I cache too heavy, I’ll force myself to go farther and farther for that one cache a day goal.  If I don’t cache enough, I won’t make it to 2000 this year.  This will cause me to be more careful about where I go as well.  I don’t want to clear out too much of my surrounding area so I will have to supplement my heavy caching days by going to the opposite side of the city or even out of the city.

Of course, I’ll keep you updated on here as I work on this.

So what kind of goals do you have for yourselves?


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2 Responses to Setting Goals

  1. ErikaJean says:

    That is a big streak to aim for!!! I like to sit around WAY to much to even think about doing something like that 😉

    Summer is H-O-T. So I honestly don’t have too many goals. I’m Driving Az to Oh and back in June. My goal is to get one cache in every state along the way each way. In the middle of that I’m vacationing to the Bahamas! I’m going to attempt my fist cache outside of the US on my very fist trip out of the US!

  2. golfgunny says:

    I’m at the point where I view 1,000 finds as a near-impossible figure. My humble stats, however, don’t accurately reflect the enjoyment that geocaching has brought me.

    I hope your streak is a success, and can’t wait to hear about it!

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