Starting My New Goal – Day 1

I mentioned previously that I was setting a goal for the summer to find a cache every day.  Well, I began that goal today with two finds, including one I have DNF’ed on before.  What better way to try and boost my spirits over not being able to make it to GeoWoodstock.First, I went after HighWater Cache, located in Tomahawk Creek Park.  Cover was abound in the area as I approached, making my signal accuracy a little worse off than I’d like.  After searching through various locations around the potential GZ, I expanded my search a bit more.  THERE!  Finally it popped into my field of view and I retrieved the cache.  I wasn’t sure if the TB would be inside when I opened it and guess what…it wasn’t.  But the log sure was.  I signed the log and replaced the cache.  Moving on.

Hiking back towards the parking lot I parked at, I went past the lot to go after another cache.  This time, I was going after Streamside, a cache that JadeFalcon and I DNF’ed on two weeks ago. This time, I had sunlight to assist me and quickly found the cache. One problem. It was out in the open on the ground. Based on the description, I replaced it back where it likely went after signing the log.

So my planned goal begins.

Day 1 -> 2 caches.


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